Map of the coronavirus in Mexico: the CDMX with contagion, unstoppable, already surpassed the 1,000 infected


In Mexico the number of cases of people infected by COVID-19 increased to 3,844 patients confirmed, reported the Secretariat of Health (SSa). The number of fatalities also increased to 233.

The City of Mexico is still in the lead with the highest number of infected in the country, there were 131 new positive and already has 1,040 individuals identified with Covid-19in addition there are 2,188 suspects. The State of Mexico will follow with 470, suspects 758.

Baja California is in third place with 258, while Puebla 214, Sinaloa has 171 and Quintana Roo 163.

José Luis Alomía, director general of Epidemiology, reported that there are 10,300 suspected cases in the country, 19,749 negative, and a total of 33,893 people studied. In a day increased by 403 positive cases and 39 deaths.

Within the international panorama there are 1,521,252 confirmed cases, according to data from the SSa. There was a decline of cases in the last 14 days. They represent 67% of the total loadwhile yesterday was a 68%, a few days ago to 72%, and began to fall from 78 per cent. The case fatality rate overall is 6.1%, slightly higher than the figure of yesterday.

There is a new distribution of burden of disease in the last 14 days of each region of the world: the american continent about the europeanwhile Europe is still the focus of the 50.7% of the active cases while America’s 40.7 percent.

The rate of national incidence of confirmed cases by state is 3 per 100 thousand inhabitants. The highest rate is found in the City of Mexico with 11.53 and the second in Baja California Sur with 10.56; the lowest of the whole country is in Chiapas: 0.66.

In the graph of age distribution and types of health care for the first time were disaggregated in age groups of over 65 years of age. 68% of all confirmed cases was outpatient, and 32% in the hospital.

While the group of 30 to 34 years is the one that has more cases on an outpatient basis, only from the age of 65 bars of hospitalized cases are higher than those of cases outpatient. Therefore, older adults are more likely to develop a disease burden serious that requires hospitalization and follow-up.

Cases confirmed by developments in the country are: 68.29% in an outpatient setting and in home isolation, 10.33% of hospitalized stable, 17.56% hospitalized in serious, and 3.82% hospitalized intubated.

Of the 3,844 cases of confirmed to April 10th, the 52% is maintained in isolation, the 42% is recovered and the 6% represents the number of deaths.

The 233 people who have died suffered from the following associations related to comorbidity: hypertension (42.06%), diabetes (38.20%), obesity (35.62%), and in lesser degree the smoking (10.30%), chronic renal failure (7.73%), chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (7.73%), cardiovascular disease (5.58%), immunosuppression (4.72%), asthma (3%), and HIV or AIDS (0.43%).

Alomia filed a new table related to “the risk of complication and death in relation to age”. We divided cases and deaths by age groups: under 25 years of age with 0 deaths, people between 25 and 59 years, and over 60 years of age. The case-fatality rate of this last group it is 13.3 per 100 cases, three times more than the second group.

“If we are part of a group of risk co-morbidity, or form part of groups with more than 60 years, the invitation is to be confined, stay at home, and the families of these people to form a fence protector, and daily assistance for these persons for the duration of the increased burden of the epidemic”, stated the director general of Epidemiology.

The lethality by federative entity in the country, for every 100 cases, is 6.06: while the majority of the deaths positive are maintained in the City of Mexico, Sinaloa, Baja California and the State of Mexico, Durango has the highest case-fatality rate with 25, followed by Chihuahua with 22.22.

The mortality rate per 100 thousand inhabitants in the country is 0.18: the highest rates are found in the states of Quintana Roo and Sinaloawith 0.75 and 0.57, respectively.

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