Maradona, Messi and what he thinks of La Bombonera

A week ago, as soon as the 2-2 between Gimnasia and Central Córdoba ended, Néstor Gorosito made something clear: “We are going to go and win at La Bombonera.” Now in a heads up with Ole, the 57-year-old DT counted the weapons that Lobo has to take the three points against Boca, coincidentally in a very special game, just on the day of Maradona’s birthday, someone who was burned into Pipo’s mind.

"Gymnastics deserves to be in international cups.  Let's fight for that"said the coach.

“Gymnastics deserves to be in international cups. We are going to fight for that,” said the coach.

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-Will they seek to be protagonists through possession of the ball?

We are not going to deviate from the idea that we have since we arrived: try to press, attack and play as far as possible from our goal. Then this is football and there may be times when the opponent plays better than us as in previous games.

-Which mouth are they going to face?

With the Boca of a lifetime, historical, which has very good players.

Gorosito in a gymnastics training.

Gorosito in a gymnastics training.

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-Is there a Boca player with whom they will be more careful?

-Depending on who plays, I don’t have the team. But all Boca players are important. That is why they are where they are.

-Does the Bombonera affect people?

People do not enter the field, they do not influence, they are 11 against 11. Almost all stadiums have the same dimensions, two areas and two arches.

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-What do you aspire to in GELP?

An identity and defend it, let’s play where we play. Take precautions for the virtues of the rival as well, but mainly enhance their own virtues. Try to impose conditions on the opponents. I try my best as in my entire coaching career and when I was a player. Everyone has the desire to be a champion with their team. Later, reality will mark us what we are for.

-Is the club in the place it deserves?

Gymnastics has to be given its rightful place. It deserves to be in international cups. Let’s fight for that. The leadership is also making a huge effort. God willing we can do it.

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-Describe Flea Rodríguez

-He is a very smart offensive player, looking for spaces and a very good player in the area. He has a very good punch and can play quietly on one side or behind the striker.

-Are you still missing Maradona?

-All Argentines have deeply felt his death. What happened is complicated for everyone who likes football. It is very difficult to cope with his death. We had a very good relationship. I remember all the joys he gave us on the court.

Photon of Diego and Pipo in a Boca-San Lorenzo.

Photon of Diego and Pipo in a Boca-San Lorenzo.

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-What did you feel when you saw Messi champion with the National Team?

-Too much joy for him. He lived through many injustices for a long time. It is a comical thing that for some now that he came out champion he plays well.

-What do you get from criticizing Leo?

-The other day I heard Andújar who said that every time he hears someone speak ill of Messi about football, he cannot continue listening and changes the channel. It happens to me exactly the same. Everything about him surprises me when he plays. Speaking bad of Messi is like speaking bad of God.

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-Who should win the Ballon d’Or?

-Messi, because it has a lot of difference with the others. It was the best of the season.

-Does it hurt to see San Lorenzo like this?

-It makes me sad, it hurts me a lot that he is like this. It is time to make a very clear sincere and tell the truth to people. Put aside the political so that the fan knows the situation. Because the boys are required with the history of the club and it is not easy when there is not the material that the institution is really used to.

El Ciclón won one of its last nine games and is 23rd in the Professional League.

El Ciclón won one of its last nine games and is 23rd in the Professional League.

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-Do you still want to direct it?

-Yes, in the future. Now I am in gymnastics, it was a little while since I signed and I am very comfortable. But I always want San Lorenzo to improve, to do well. God willing in the future I can go.

-Who is the best Argentine soccer player today?

I think it may be between Álvarez and Carbonero.

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-Gallardo is doing a successful re against cycle in River. How do you see it to work in Europe?

Working in Europe is ten times easier than in Argentina for everything. It is easier to live, everything is being organized and objectives are being set, not like in Argentina, where things have to be for yesterday and not for tomorrow. It is not a common thing that a coach is so many years in a great but it has been maintained based on results.

-What do you value the most about the present of the National Team?

Who returned to the foundations of Argentine football, plays with La Nuestra (NdeRThis is how the offensive football style is called, with skillful players and the mischief and liveliness of the pasture, which was born and gave many titles to the Albiceleste in the 30s) that identified us so much. It can go right or wrong, but try to maintain an identity. Menotti, Aimar, Samuel, Ayala and Placente were very important. All the guys that are there and keep a low profile. Despite his inexperience as a manager, Scaloni did very well. More than for the title, for having achieved a gaming identity.

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