Maradona voted most popular athlete in history: where is Messi and the stars on the podium?

Maradona voted most popular athlete in history

Diego Armando Maradona is a figure of worldwide significance. In the weeks following the third anniversary of his death at the age of 60, A ranking ranks him as the most popular athlete in history.

According to the website Giving to Mays SportsThe historic number 10 led Argentina’s football team to their second title in history, beating Germany in the 1986 final in Mexico and is considered by fans to be the most recognizable athlete of all time. “Defending Maradona as the most popular athlete of all time isn’t that difficult. His goalscoring tally is on par with Messi, Ronaldo or Pele, scoring just 338 goals in over 600 games, but if we add the traditional ‘eye test’, Maradona is king. In the election, everyone is taken into account in terms of their campaign and influence over the time, their achievements and the level of public fervor over their image.

“His technique, dribbling ability and ability to change games in an instant is what made him so great. His individual goal against England in the 1986 World Cup is a good example. The four-time Argentine Footballer of the Year, with Napoli twice The men who won the Serie A title and won the World Cup with Argentina add further substance to the argument. Look at how much he is loved in Naples and Argentina. He is a very popular athlete!describing the ranked media.

Who occupies the podium of sports stars? he finished second Michael Jordan. Won six NBA championships with the Chicago Bulls, His Majesty It marked a changing era for the best basketball league in the world, and for many it was critical that the game gain global visibility outside of the United States.

“The six-time MVP and 14-time All-Star tends to be the names most associated with the GOAT in basketball. While he is often compared to LeBron James, Jordan is statistically better than him, averaging three more points per game , and has a higher record,” the professional website pointed out.

Bailey ranks third on list of most popular athletes in history (AP Photo, file)

The best athlete’s podium of all time was completed by another iconic footballer like Pele. Aure marked an era in world football and was a beacon of growth for the most beloved sport on the planet. “A lot of people dispute this, but what is undisputed is his seminal impact on the game of football. Many techniques, tricks and dribbling among the top talents in the world today were invented by Pele. There are many more to come.” See his best moments. He set the tone and set an example for future generations. And whatever they say about his goal account, what is undisputed is his record of three World Cups”, they describe as the third-placed way to choose him.

Many will wonder where Lionel Messi is. Most recently won world title with Argentina at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, a title that elevated him above his other conquests and dizzying campaigns in Barcelona.Finished seventh behind baby russ (baseball player), legend of the NBA’s Boston Celtics larry bird and swiss tennis player Roger Federer20 Grand Slam winners.

“Like Ronaldo, many fans would be annoyed that Messi is only seventh given his achievements in football and the weight of his name,” Giff Mesport explained of his choice. At the same time, they believe that being crowned world champion puts him ahead of last-placed Cristiano Ronaldo (15th).

List of the 15 Most Popular Athletes of All Time

1) Diego Maradona (football)

2) Michael Jordan (basketball)

3) Pele (football)

4) Babe Ruth (baseball)

5) Larry Bird (basketball)

6) Roger Federer (Tennis)

7) Lionel Messi (football)

8) Wayne Gretzky (ice hockey)

9) Sir Donald Bradman (Australian cricketer)

10) LeBron James (basketball)

11) Tom Brady (American football)

12) Usain Bolt (Athletics)

13) Serena Williams (Tennis)

14) Muhammad Ali (boxing)

15) Cristiano Ronaldo (football)

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