Maradona’s favorite court song and the chicana for River

On a special day for world football one year after the death of Diego Armando Maradona, Boca fans remembered the idol with a video in which he chooses his favorite court song, which refers to River’s descent.

El Millo can become champion of the Professional League this Thursday night, adding just one point against Racing for the 22nd date. If successful, coach Marcelo Gallardo will win the only remaining title in his personal showcase.

The pre-classic is fully lived on social networks, especially among the fans of Millo and Xeneize, who remembered Diego with a video one hundred percent soccer.

Some time ago, in an interview published by FIFA, Maradona was asked what his favorite soccer song was. “The best court song is the one Boca did to River”The former world champion begins with a mischievous smile.

And he continues: “It is the most beautiful, the one that enters your ears and puts your heart to ten thousand, because we will never be at that moment. It begins: ‘River tell me what it feels like, having played the Nacional’ “.

The song that Diego was referring to:

River, tell me what it feels

Having played the National

I swear that even though the years go by

We will never forget it

That you went to B

You burned the Monumental

That stain is never erased again

Che, hen, you’re a shit

You hit a player

What cowards The Drunkards of the Board

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