Marc Anthony Offers a Free Concert on YouTube, After the Controversy of His Canceled Virtual Show

Marc Anthony.

The singer has apologized to his followers through several statements and a video, where he has announced that he will offer the show for free for 24 hours.

Marc Anthony has done the impossible to try to remedy the technical failures that prevented him from offering the virtual concert that he had been promoting for weeks since when the start time arrived, thousands of users complained of not being able to tune in to the transmission of the streaming platform.

However, the singer who is a professional and himself has kept in contact with some users of the networks to whom he has personally apologized and has been responding to the messages that they sent him, after the announcement of the cancellation.

And it has been through his Instagram account that hours after the bitter drink and in response to the professional crisis that he was experiencing, he confirmed a great act on his part and announced that he has “ demanded that the promoters reimburse the money to all the who bought tickets ”and likewise reported that he was going to honor them with the free version of the concert, which will be available on his YouTube channel for a period of 24 hours.


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Repeatedly since the failure of the event, Jennifer López’s ex has shown his face, faced the problems, and by all possible means has apologized to those who were affected, thanking “ everyone from the bottom of my heart for all the support and understanding “, he has even left a video on his official account.

He is visibly tired wearing a cap and a sweatshirt as he said: “ Well my people, it has been 18 quite difficult hours, but it happened. I don’t know what happened, but I hope you enjoyed it as you deserve and how I enjoyed it. I’m going to rest a little bit. And I hope you enjoy it, that you see it 10,000 times if you want, I love you very much, “said the Puerto Rican.


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Although it has not confirmed exactly what caused the failure, it has been said that the overwhelming demand to tune in to the show caused the “collapse” of the platform intended for transmission, it is rumored that around 100,000 people were expected they were connected and when they presented faults it was absolutely out of the interpreter’s control to remedy the situation.

The published video has already more than 755 thousand reproductions and in the comments, hundreds of fans have sent their thanks and blessings for the excellent way to raise such a situation and have stated that they are enjoying the concert.


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