Marc Jacobs fashion show FW23/24

Marc Jacobs presented his FW23/24 collection with a flash show. Just about two minutes. The designer, known for his provocations, continues to challenge expectations and question the established conventions of fashion shows.

Parade Marc Jacobs FW23/24 it was staged in the name of transience. An event that made the audience think about the implications of its brevity and the deeper messages it conveyed. Everything is fast today. We are used to quickly scrolling through social media content, quickly consuming everything. And perhaps the message of Marc Jacobs is just about that. Even clothes and fashion shows that require weeks and months of preparation are used up too quickly. But you can never tell with a stylist. As we know, he is known for his ability to surprise and provoke.

With the FW23/24 and cyberpunk models, Marc Jacobs pays homage New York 80s, evoking feelings of nostalgia. At the same time, it brings technological progress and the roleartificial intelligence in the fashion industry. Fashion show notes, rather monotonous, were actually consists of Open AI Chat GPT.

Marc Jacobs, collection FW23/24

fast parade (total 29 views) showed a fusion of masculine cut and feminine elegance. With a tribute to the 80s, the youth of the designer, who turned 60 this year: an era when neither the Internet nor social networks existed yet. With the FW23/24 collection, Marc Jacobs departs from the sophisticated or couture aesthetic of his recent creations. This is a strict, essential collection that fully embodies the spirit of New York.

Models with cyberpunk hairstyles reminiscent of iconic models. blade runner replicants, they capture the essence of Jacobs’ vision. In clothing, masculine cut is combined with feminine elegance. On the catwalk appeared things with bare shoulders, pleated pants with a high waist and mini dresses. The black and white color palette captures the essence of the collection. Marc Jacobs has already explored the 80s extensively in his previous collections. However, the FW23/24 collection sounds like the most authentic echo of his personal experiences and the New York where Marc Jacobs lived as a boy.

In deciding to put on such a fast-paced fashion show, Marc Jacobs wants to reflect on today’s hectic pace of life and insatiable consumption of content that is quickly consumed and discarded. Perhaps this is a critique of the modern fashion industry’s relentless pursuit of novelty, or the fleeting attention that characterizes modernity. Either way, the Marc Jacobs FW23/24 show leaves the audience wanting more. Designer defies traditional runway rulesand excites a discussion about the nature of fashion in the digital age.

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