Marcelo Gallardo and a new destination? “The fundamental thing is to convince him with glory,” said a leader of the Uruguay National Team

Marcelo gallardo remains silent regarding his future and while in River maintain the illusion for coach continuity, Selection from Uruguay follow closely the Doll to be the new technician of the Light blue.

“Today the situation remains in the same conditions as it was a few days ago. We had informal contacts, but still formally we could not sit down to talk or plan what the future may be. They have asked us for more time, in the sense that Marcelo has to wait and make the decision well. We have to see if those times coincide with the times of the AUF “, expressed Jorge Casales, leader of the Uruguayan Association, in dialogue with TN Deportivo.

Casales said that they want to persuade the coach from the sporting point of view, beyond the economic: “The fundamental thing is to convince him with the glory, the players that Uruguay has, direct a World Cup, be a protagonist in the World Cup as Uruguay was in Russia and everything that may come later, beyond the economic issue.”

Finally, Casales referred to the waiting time for Gallardo’s response: “We would hope that the answer was as soon as possible. We have to set deadlines and those deadlines can be this week, not much more than that. Uruguay’s next game is on January 27, we have time but we can’t choose a coach in the first days of January either. “

At the end of the year, the Doll ends with the Millionaire and among the teams that sounded to lead him are Flamengo from Brazil and the one who is the strongest, the Uruguay National Team. What will decide?

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