Marco Guazzone, Caput and Arale complete the 55th slope.

Marco Guazzone, together with Caput and Arale, will close the 55th exhibition and art competition “Il Pendìo”, which this year expanded its activities under the name “Il Pendio Plus”. The event is organized by Pro Loco Quadratum under the patronage of the Municipality of Corato, Teatro Pubblico Pugliese – Regional Consortium of Arts and Culture, Unpli Puglia and funded by the 2023 Notice of Fees to Pro Loco Tourist Associations. region of Apulia.

Wednesday, August 30th at 20:30 meet in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele for a concert of three songwriters who will give space to an exciting musical journey.

The trio evening will be opened by Kaput, born Antonio Caputo, the young Coratino, who in 2017 launched his first project “Kaput Blue”.
In 10 singles released from 2017 to 2021, he sums up his musical research and defines his style, and then stops. In 2021, he won the Medimex Songwriters Camp and signed a publishing deal with Sugar Music Publishing. In 2022, he feels the need for a restyling, the old clothes no longer fit and he wants to write about other imaginaries. So he decides to change, he goes to Milan and starts writing songs for artists who are climbing the charts. Even his project is changing and shrinking into Kaput. The stylistic figure remains R&B in voice and urban rhythm in the productions, but the themes of the lyrics are different, conveying a strong interest in inclusivity, self-determination and interpersonal dynamics, using the main language of indie. The new project has a clear direction that takes the form of songs that well represent the place that KAPUT intends to take in the Italian panorama, with sounds that mix past influences with a current sound full of electronic vibes typical of club life.

He is followed by Marco Guazzone, a Roman singer, songwriter and musician. In February, he was the main musical character in the latest episode of Lolita Lobosco Investigations 2, a Rai1 fantasy where he appeared playing himself, performing two songs: the single “Rami” and a cover of “Non voglio mica la luna, completely rearranged”. for orchestra and piano. His latest single is “Salsedine”, a duet with Chiara Galiazzo, which just hit 100,000 streams on Spotify. *He contributed to the soundtrack of the Netflix series I Hate Christmas released in December 2022. He composed the soundtrack music for Bulgari’s latest global campaign. He co-wrote “Perfect Symphony” with Ed Sheeran (as a duet with Andrea Bocelli), which has received over 165 million streams on Spotify and 465 million views on YouTube. Nominated for a Grammy Award as the author of two songs from Andrea Bocelli’s album “Si”, in 2018 – David di Donatello in the category “Best Original Song” for the soundtrack to Paolo Genovese’s film “The Place”, and in 2015 nominated for a Ciak Award D’Oro. in the category “Best Original Song” for the soundtrack to the film “Fratelli Unici”, written and performed with Paolo Buonvino and Malika Ayane. After nearly ten years with STAG, he launches his solo project in 2020 with the song “Con Il Senno Di Poi”, produced by Elisa, who also appears with a vocal cameo. He made his debut in 2012 at the Sanremo Festival in the Youth category, winning the Assomusica award and finishing fourth.

Accompanying him will be Arale, author, musician, composer and producer, born Lara Ingrosso. His talent is attuned specifically to writing music, so much so that in 2021 he is participating in courses on writing and producing sound organized by Scuolazoo in collaboration with Warner Chappell Italia, and begins collaborating with great songwriters of national importance. In 2022, she signed a contract as a writer with the Milanese record and publishing label of Alessandra Flora and Marco Guazzone “Origami Disco and Publishing”.

At the end of the concert, the trio will join the collective musical performance.

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