Marco Ruben entered the sacred history of Central

The afternoon could have edges with another luster because what seemed like a sung victory ended in a draw, but the brightness of this one was the same. Central who played one of his best games in the era Kily gonzalez contributed it Marco Gastón Ruben, the lethal scorer that this team has and that with the two conquests against him River champion of Gallant exceeded the mark it held Waldino Aguirre. El Torito has already been left behind by the bull that the scoundrel has on the court today, who does not tire of fighting and who seems tireless. Two other shouts, infinite rewards from the fans for a player who has them well deserved. Palavecino’s two zapatazos in a certain way overshadowed what should have been a day to put in a frame, but it is well worth hanging the figure of this on a wall in any corner of Arroyito Ruben idol version, and today more than ever.

He was always the darling of the fans, from before taking that time off and not to mention when he decided to return. The three goals that made him Colon they had already put it above the Matador Kempes already one of the Torito Aguirre, but surely it was not the true reason for the ovation he received in the previous game, when the voice of the stadium announced the formation of the team. It is something that happens in all home games. But what was said, in that journey of names, the Giant exploded when they named him.


Marco defined taco, a genius of the 9.

Marco defined taco, a genius of the 9.

Celina Mutti Lovera / The Capital

AND Ruben, that of this assimilating the affection of the fans knows it lunga, responded as only a scoring goal in flames can do it. The way he solved that huge pass from Vecchio inside the area was masterful. Taco. She did not need a subtlety of that style because just by pushing her to the goal the mime was going to flow, but on top of it she put fantasy. It was the moment when the Giant definitely transformed into a cauldron. And not because the Argentine soccer sensation team was beating, but because that partial triumph had come from the hand of who the fans lived. “Olé, ole, ole, Marco, Marco”, thundered on the banks of the Paraná.

The celebration, the raised fist, the panoramic gaze towards the four sides of the Giant, the madness of his companions and also of the bank. They all felt part of that unforgettable moment that Ruben I was traveling in the place where more love awakens and receives.

The “intractable” is not a story either. His scoring nose can do it, pushes him, encourages him. That is why he was persuaded to seek that center-assistance of Blanco (once again) so that the highest position on the podium would be his alone. The jump to the advertising poster, the climb to the fence, which could well have meant the second yellow, and the delirium around him. Because the “olé, Marco, Marco” sounded every so often, no matter what was happening in the game or where the play was. Of course, at that time what was happening with that epic of Ruben was that Central gave life to one of the best matches of the cycle of the Kily, against a River overwhelming, serious, rarely forgiving. Ah, in the middle were three points of incalculable value in the fight for the entrance to the South American Cup. It was a perfect combo, but with Ruben in the entrails.


Ruben popped in a popcorn and snubbed Armani.

Ruben popped in a popcorn and snubbed Armani.

Only analyzed in this way is it understood that the anesthesia implied by Palavecino’s zapatatazos have lost their effect when the game came to an end. Who would the television go to get if not Ruben? That’s why the 9 was left alone on the playing field, expressing the things that were crossing his mind at that time. And when he was leaving again: “Olé, olé, olé, Marco, Marco” before the protagonist of the story raised his right hand, clenched his fist, touched his heart with his left and looked, once again, towards the four sides of a Giant who was already surrendered at his feet.

By Ruben, Central It deserved that the party was complete, but nothing will tarnish what it is today: the man with the goal in Arroyito.

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