Marcus Jordan shares secrets on how much he’ll spend on dream wedding with Larsa Pippen

Marcus Jordan and Larsa Pippen they’re still one of those couples More interest arose in the United States. Not only for what they do together, but because they can have a reaction in both Michael Jordan as Scottie Pippen. The last thing surrounding them is their possible wedding.

Neither has confirmed that they’ll be wed anytime soon, but both Marcus and Larsa have given hints that that moment is closer than ever. “We are looking for locations”According to TMZ, Marcus Jordan commented in a recent statement.Larsa, on the other hand, was spotted wearing One could be an engagement ring.

Everyone knows what’s going to happen and there’s no hiding it.On the last episode of the podcast they did together called “separation anxiety” (separation anxiety), Marcus reveals how much his dream wedding will cost.

When Larsa asked Jordan how much his son would spend on his dream wedding, his son laughed. Marcus solves the mystery “It’s a tricky question” about what that moment meant to him, he said before offering more obvious details of his plans.

“I will be Seven figures, that’s millions. i mean we will spend six figure gifts, like on vacation I keep saying I’m getting married I’m only going to do it once, not five, six or seven. When that day comes, it’s going to be a luxury day, you know my family. “

Larsa listened carefully to Marcus’ answer, especially what he said at the end. The word “family” refers to Michael Jordan, He may not agree to the wedding or the relationship.

It must be remembered that Marcus is 32 and Larsa is 49, plus Scottie Pippen’s ex had a 19-year relationship with the Bulls legend, who is currently with him Former teammate Michael Jordan feuded.

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