“Mare Fuori”, Andrea Sannino in the cast of the musical by Alessandro Siani

The main cast of the musical begins to take shape Sea outside which debuts on December 14 at the Teatro Augusteo in Naples: Rosa Ricci (Maria Esposito), Doberman (Enrico Tijani), Toto (Antonio Orefice), Micharella (Giuseppe Pirozzi), Milos (Antonio D’Aquino) are the beloved characters of the series, which will also return in the director’s theatrical adaptation Alessandro Siani. Also with them is Nunzia (Carmen Pommella), one of the guards.

Singer-songwriter Andrea Sannino instead, it’s one of the biggest surprises to be part of the musical’s main cast. After debuting as the lead character in a musical Scugnizzi Claudio Mattone, Andrea Sannino returns as the protagonist to take the stage with a new music show.

Film writers Sea outside Maurizio Careddu and Cristina Farina, also the authors of the theatrical version of the play along with Alessandro Siani, thought about the role of teacher for Sannino, in contrast to the series, in the musical. Sea outside his role will be central to the dynamics of the story.

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Below is a list of dates:

Naples Teatro Augusteo from December 14, 2023
Ragusa Teatro Duemila from 20 January 2024
Turin Teatro Alfieri from 1 February 2024
Teatro Milan Arcimboldi from 14 February 2024
Bari Theater team from February 23, 2024
Roman Teatro Brancaccio from March 1, 2024
Bologna Theater Europe from March 15, 2024

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