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In a new episode of Envelope: The Actor’s Podcast on Backstage, casting director Eric Dawson revealed that Margot Robbieafter Pan Am folded, he auditioned for American Horror Story: Asylum.

In an interview, the expert said that the Barbie star has many characteristics that helped her become a star. Dawson noted:

That’s what’s really difficult for casting directors who are no longer in the same room with the actors. Margot is probably one of my favorite auditions and it was right before her success. He was such a star.

Eric further explained that the actress attracted attention as soon as she entered the room:

Even if she didn’t get the part, it was one of those moments where you, as a casting director, thought, “This is a star, what should we do with her?”

However, Robbie did not participate in subsequent seasons of the anthology series, since The Wolf of Wall Street gave her international fame and numerous opportunities. However, Dawson emphasized:

But that’s the really fun part of casting: seeing people whose careers are on the rise.

What do you think? Which role would you cast for Margot Robbie in American Horror Story: Asylum?

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