Margot Robbie breaks the silence: the most incredible theory about Barbie has finally been revealed!

In the heat of anticipation of Barbie’s big-screen debut, fans have not spared extravagant and unexpected theories. The innovative vision of Barbie, the same Mattel doll that captured the imagination of generations, is destined to hit theaters, and that’s no less news.

Here comes Margot Robbie, an iconic face of Hollywood, not only as the protagonist of the Barbie Stereotype, but as executive producer of this epic live-action transposition.

Margot Robbie: Dark secrets and the future of Barbie revealed

At the heart of Barbie’s backstage, Margot Robbie sheds new light on a theory shrouded in mystery that has resonated with the collective imagination. Recalling an interview with Robbie herself, an intriguing desire for cross-breeding cinematic talent emerges. Initially, Gal Gadot, the queen of the on-screen action movie, was considered as a possible protagonist.

However, the fate of Hollywood and Gadot’s busy schedule delayed the meeting of these forces of nature. Despite this, as Robbie says, the doors to a future together with Gadot are far from closed.

But the magic lamp of rumors will not stop flickering. In a series of speculations, Margot Robbie becomes the spokesperson for a theory that has caught her own attention. In an intense dialogue with Weird Barbie co-star Kate McKinnon, Robbie reveals which of the various theories struck her: an unusual, dark and frightening interpretation of the film. Horror reinterpretation, radical reinterpretation.

The actress becomes involved in the story of a fan who offered her an unexpected angle: Barbie as a horror movie. But despite this, Robbie passionately notes that the film is far from the horror genre and gives a clearer picture of the innocent, but captivating plot. From the idyllic world of Barbieland to a journey to discover Margot Robbie’s Barbie stereotype that will take her into the real world and unravel a surprising mystery.

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