Margot Robbie hot revelations about her career as an actress! That was before The Wolf of Wall Street!

In a recent episode Envelope: actor’s podcast On the Backstage website, Eric Dawson, one of Hollywood’s most famous casting directors, revealed that Margot Robbie was about to audition for the role. American Horror Story: Asylum after the completion of their participation in Pan American.

Throughout the interview, Dawson spoke passionately about how Margot Robbie demonstrated that she had many of the hallmarks that have made her an admired star ever since. He vehemently stated that casting directors, who are no longer in close physical contact with the actors, have a significant task ahead of them. He still fondly remembers auditioning for Margot, one of his favorite roles, and interestingly, this was before his big success. She was really bright.

Dawson went on to explain how the actress immediately caught the attention of everyone present: although the role was not cast, it remains one of those moments when, as a casting director, you realize that this is a future star and wonder how to use it. his talent.

However, Robbie’s journey in subsequent seasons American Horror Story he broke off. To cause a break, a triumph The wolf of Wall Streetwho opened the door to world fame and countless possibilities. With a smile, Dawson concluded that this was the beating heart of casting: the search for those whose careers were on the rise and who were about to step into their moment of glory.

Margot Robbie, the phenomenal rise of a movie icon

When the spotlight is on, Margot Robbie shines in all her glory, captivating the world with her magnetic presence on the movie screen. Robbie’s journey from rookie to global icon is an epic tale of extraordinary success. From her Australian roots to dominating the Hollywood charts, the actress has captivated audiences with a variety of roles ranging from elegance to emotional power.

It was a bright role in the comedy of Martin Scorsese. The wolf of Wall Streetto spark an explosion in Margot Robbie’s career. Her striking performance and impressive looks have propelled her to a new level of fame, opening the door to incredible opportunities. Since then, he has collaborated with superstars such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt. Once Upon a Time in… Hollywooddemonstrating versatility that blends harmoniously with breathtaking beauty.

WITH BarbieIn the long-awaited project, Margot Robbie proves herself not only as a talented actress, but also as an astute producer. Her dedication and dedication to the film industry is a testament to an artist who continues to push boundaries and inspire millions of fans around the world. Margot Robbie, the star who never fails to shine, is destined to leave her mark on film history forever.

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