Margot Robbie more Barbie than ever: new photos

it’s missing now less than a month at the theatrical release of barbiefirst film adaptation live action of famous fashion dolls. Thus, as anticipation rises among fans day to day, new pictures of margot robbie in version DollPosted by stylist Andrew Mukamal: Top, short skirt and sunglasses, all strictly pink, as well as prestigious convertible,

hollywood star Smile riding in a car parked on the side of the road Beverly Hills Amidst palm trees and dream villas. with Margot – the film will be released in cinemas next month – there is Ryan Gosling America’s level stars again in the role of Kane ferraraEmma mackayHelen Mirena – narrator – and even dua lipaall ready for : presentation tour Which will touch some big cities.

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From berlin To soulpassing through London Even more SydneyRumored to be a mega event on June 30 participate Australian actress too. who is also the hero of new trailerin which he cycles two friendsadmiring the wonders of barbieland, even more successful was the clip that shows its arched legsA distinctive sign of the doll.

“Yeah, those are my feet. And I got a job about eight times to shoot that scene,” Robbie himself explained, born in 1990, “We had duct tape on the floor Shoes, so that i can remove them without any problem. i just stayed For once To keep my balance, I didn’t have a harness or anything like that. I came close holding the top bar cameraThen I went back down ».

Details on details: The Countdown has officially begun.

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