Margot Robbie spotted at SAG-AFTRA strikes: is the support genuine? The truth is revealed

There’s a new queen in Hollywood cinema, and her name is Margot Robbie. The star performer of the role of Harley Quinn once again captivated the audience in the role Barbiein the director’s film Greta Gerwig. But not only his performance attracted the attention of the film world, but also resounding success at the box office which makes Barbie a truly unstoppable force.

Last weekend, the film based on the famous Mattel brand reached sky-high numbers. $626 million at the North American box office. A result that put even the very first one in the crosshairs Avengers, although it should be noted that this figure does not take into account inflation. Despite this, Barbie is now 11th highest grossing box office in North American film market history.

However, to enter the top ten highest-grossing of all time, Barbie will have to hit some milestones such as Jurassic World in tenth place with $653 million, Titanic in ninth place with 674 million, Avengers: Infinity War in eighth place with 678 million, and even Avatar 2 in seventh place with 684 million. But with Margot Robbie at the helm, Barbie looks poised to win the hearts of moviegoers and hit the box office charts!

Margot Robbie supports actors and threatens studios: the strike risks affecting video games too!

The struggle for rights in Hollywood does not subside, and the main character of “Barbie” Margot Robbie is ready to fight for the cause. The president SAG-AFTRA UnionFran Drescher seems determined not to give an inch on union demands. But his ambitions are not limited to the world of cinema.

In addition to films, the video game industry came under his close attention. For years, actors providing their voices and faces To Digital characters do not have particularly favorable contract terms negotiated with production companies. Drescher took a bold step and extended his protest to the gaming industry, threatening a strike that could shake the foundations of the digital entertainment industry.

What is SAG-AFTRA?

SAG-AFTRA is a union of professional actors in the United States.. The acronym stands for Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists. This union was created as a result of the merger of two separate unions: Screen Actors Guild (SAG) AndAmerican Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA)which happened in 2012.

This body represents actors, voice actors, television hosts, radio journalists and other entertainment industry professionals who work in film, television, radio, advertising and other media. The union negotiates contracts and collective agreements to ensure workers have adequate working conditions, fair wages, and other benefits.

In addition, SAG-AFTRA is committed to promoting and protecting the rights of actors and entertainment industry professionals and provides resources and support to its members in various aspects of their careers. It is an influential organization in the entertainment industry, and its members work on a wide range of television, film and multimedia projects in the United States.

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