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Maria Becerra and RusherkingThey are the artists of the moment due to the success of their songs as soloists and as a group. In 2020 they released the song ‘Confiésalo’, which quickly became a hit and currently has more than 66 million views on YouTube.

However, in the last hours a publication by María Becerra set off the alarms of her fans. The 21-year-old singer decided to share a picture of her hand with a ring on her hand and wrote: “Happy day to the love of my life. The music”. To musicalize the post, he decided to add the song Before You, which he also performs with his partner. The exact fragment taken by Becerra was the chorus, “I didn’t know the other half of me before you. How am I going to breathe if you are not here?

During the rest of the day, María Becerra dedicated herself to sharing her interviews and her activities before the shows. For his part, Rusherking dedicated himself to sharing images of fun nights with his friends. Although the two young people have not confirmed the news of their breakup, neither of them have shared photos together since October 27 when Rusherking, Cazzu and Tiago PZK attended the María Becerra show and sang live.

The trap stars have shown their love on different occasions and that is why many have become fans of the couple. One of the most important steps they took as a couple was tattooing a phrase together, the same as they shared on their social networks said: “Those from space”. And they had both decided to leave the tatto in the same place forever, their forearms.

The young people met at a music camp in 2019 and a year later, in the midst of the pandemic, they decided to start living together, something difficult, according to María Becerra confessed to the magazine Marie Clare, “We had just moved in together, we were alone in our apartment. We went out to the supermarket and the street looked like a zombie attack. We had neither internet nor cable, nothing! Because the installers couldn’t get in. It was a challenge, but we survived as a couple and It forced us to get to know each other a lot. “

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