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Maria Elvira Salazar to Joe Biden: “We need action” Video

Cuban-American Congresswoman Maria Elvira Salazar on Monday sent a strong message to U.S. President Joe Biden after the president’s announcement about the creation of a study group that evaluated how to resume sending remittances to the island.

As for this, the Republican congresswoman said that Cuba does not need any study group because “we need action now.”

“FREEDOM! DOWN WITH THE DICTATORSHIP! Those are the chants we hear on the streets of Cuba. President Biden, we don’t need any study groups. We need action, now!” wrote Salazar on his account Twitter.

It should be noted that, on Monday, President Joe Biden announced that he gave the order to review the plans to increase the staff at the US Embassy in Havana and “study” how to resume sending remittances to Cuba, this after the historic protests experienced on the island last Sunday, July 11.

Joe Biden’s actions do not match the cuban people’s demand

Biden’s statement comes suddenly after, days before the president himself said that he would not lift the sanctions on sending remittances to Cuba, claiming that he has no guarantee that the money will be left to the dictatorship.

According to a senior biden administration official, the president is implementing measures to “support the Cuban people and hold the regime accountable.”

It should be noted that these measures taken by Biden do not agree with the request of the Cuban population in the streets on the days of protests, since in the first instance cuban citizens asked for freedom and not to continue living in communism.

After the announcement, Cuban citizens in exile and political personalities such as María Elvira Salazar have rejected President Biden’s lukewarmness to confront the Castro dictatorship and above all to help the Cuban population.

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