Maria, Pablo Larrain are ready to shoot the film with Angelina Jolie

movie with angelina jolie

After Neruda, Jackie E. amazing Emma presented at the Venice Film Festival 2019, as well as the next Spencersince 2021 we have not had the opportunity to admire the talent Pablo Larrain. Who is ready to shoot and will soon return to the set to shoot their long-awaited film Maryfilm about the legendary Maria Callas, which will have Angelina Jolie as the main character.

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The Chilean director’s series also dates back to 2001 – Lisa’s story based on Stephen King – and the last film with the participation of the actress, now the director of the adaptation without blood (for which he publicly thanked Alessandro Baricco).

Meanwhile, the meeting with Larraine involves a preview of his new one. El Condeblack-and-white satirical film competing in the Venice of the 80s competition, which we already talked about earlier.

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Will “an opportunity to combine my two deepest and most personal passions, film and opera”, “long-awaited dream”Pablo Larrain said. It can beat the first TAKE October and beyond – until December – le filmed in Budapestchosen to represent Paris, in which the great soprano lived the last years of his life in solitude.

Therefore, we are waiting for the official start of filming of the film, which, obviously, is already at the stage of pre-production, and the script for which is not yet ready.signed Stephen Knight From Spencer (AND Peaky Blinders). And we may see this at the next Venice Film Festival in 2024, unless the Cannes Film Festival decides…

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