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Mariana González, “The Mexican Kim Kardashian”, is accused of kidnapping an ex-boyfriend


Mariana González Padilla, a businesswoman and model who has been called the “Mexican Kim Kardashian,” complained after she was accused a few days ago of being involved in the kidnapping and murder of one of her ex-children in 2016. During an interview, he denied the allegations and said everything would be sorted out “directly in court.”

TVNotas magazine shared the statements of Lilia Yolanda Arriola Pérez who assures that the businesswoman and model would be involved in the kidnapping and murder of her brother Carlos Mauricio Arriola, which occurred in 2016. She claims that in 2013 “the Mexican Kim Kardashian” became romantically involved with a plastic surgeon, who did the first aesthetic procedures and a year later began the relationship with her brother.

According to Arriola Pérez, for the ransom of her brother they charged $10 million, and what caused suspicions was that soon the model began to build her residence and that of her sisters, went to live in Dubai for two years, conditioned her boutique and began to have a lot of money. “How are you going to explain that to the authorities?” he said.

Arriola Perez also said that there is an ongoing investigation and that he has evidence that Mariana Gonzalez was the last to have communication with Carlos Mauricio Arriola before his kidnapping.”

In recent months, Mariana González Padilla has been accused of being interested in the fortune of her current partner, Vicente Fernández Jr. However, on several occasions the eldest son of the “Charro de Huentitán” has stated that both have their own businesses to maintain the luxurious lifestyle they lead.

According to international media, Lilia Arriola Pérez sent a message to Vicente Fernández to remove her son from “La Kim Kardashian mexicana”. “Don Vicente Fernández adored, who is a warrior and has raised many battles, to take away his son, if they do not want to suffer the loss of a firstborn; turn on their red lights and realize the kind of person Mariana is,” he said.

Denies allegations

In an interview on the show Awaken AmericaMariana Gonzalez denied having had a relationship with Carlos Mauricio Arriola and said she did not know Lilia Arriola Perez. “Everything is going to be fixed directly with the courts, next week everything comes out,” he emphasized.

The businesswoman and model said this situation bothered her because none of the allegations are true and whoever has said them is only looking for fame. In addition, he is witing out his prestige and that of his family.

“That’s not my sister-in-law, all of that is a lie and it’s going to be fixed in court. In reality, it’s people who want five minutes of fame or five pesos that they don’t have to eat right now. It bothers me because that’s how you want to hang a lot of people. They are killing my prestige and that of my family,” he said before the cameras of the Mexican program.

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