Maribel Guardia’s show off your curves in a sexy otfit sports


The singer and regulate the costa rican left see her statuesque figure, while working out at the gym to your home

Maribel Guardia it’s one of the grandmas gonna be on the show, and it couldn’t be, since there’s no longer to share the images in which it is assumed to be the sculpted human anatomy.

With the proper attitude, that is, the features, and showed once again why it is one of the celebrities who keeps himself in excellent physical condition and is able to motivate their followers in the social networks.

In one of his most recent posts to Instagram the singer to regulate the costa rican left see in your picture is curved while the use of a device is fixed to the academy from his home.

A little bit of the gym“that was the text that accompanied the image, that is, until the moment, it has around 64 thousand hearts, in red.

Dressed in a sexy outfit, be it sports, the singer has presumió her curves, her profile toward the camera, enough to fall back to its 5.3 million people sent comments by sycophants, and congratulations on your look is always perfect.

During the lock-down is caused by the multi-coronavirus, the famous actress has managed to maintain its popularity in the social networks and thanks for the tips, fitness, and a positive attitude, in addition to the sexy posts that shows some of the activities that you have carried out in the course of the last few months.