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Marie Claire | Jennifer Lopez’s nutritionist reveals six tips for healthy eating

Become one of the most admired and desired women in the world, few will be able to forget the last public appearances of Jennifer Lopez. Appearances such as his passage through the red carpet of the Venice Film Festival where, officially accompanied for the first time by Ben Affleck, the singer and actress swept sexier than ever. Something that he did days ago in the same Italian city where he became the star of the event organized by Dolce & Gabbana to present his new creations.

And it is that, at 52 years old, Jennifer Lopez can boast not only of being one of the most recognized, admired and awarded artists. As she herself has confessed, she follows a complete daily rexercise routine that continues without rest, and take good care of their diet. And it is precisely this last aspect that has just been uncovered.

Some days ago, Haylie Pomroy, considered the Hollywood nutritionist and responsible for the careful diets followed by many celebrities in the United States such as JLo or Reese Witherspoon, revealed some of the tricks that Jennifer Lopez follows.

Haylie posted a book titled Metabolism Revolution, where he tells the six tricks that his clients follow to accelerate the metabolism to increase energy to achieve a healthy figure: “choosing the right foods at the right times can raise the rate of your metabolism, strengthen you, improve the tone of your skin and get more energy “

One of the tips that Pomroy offers in his book is that it is recommended eat in the first half hour of the day, “If you don’t eat something right when you wake up, you are asking your body to run without any gasoline.” A piece of advice that Jennifer Lopez strictly follows, like that of forget about any processed food and just eat healthy food: “Food is something that was alive one day and comes from the earth, the sky or the sea,” says Haylie.

Another of the tricks that the nutritionist reveals has to do with physical exercise. His advice: mix cardio exercises with strength training. Of course, before training, it is advisable to have a healthy snack.

In all, Haylie recommends eat three meals and have two snacks throughout the day. To avoid temptation and eat healthy, ensure that planning a weekly menu in which all meals appear collected works.

One of the most applauded tips in Haylie’s book has to do with calories. For the nutritionist, no calorie counting, the amount of food we consume is more important than its calories, “eating less worsens the situation, when your metabolism works too slowly, even lettuce is stored as fat.”

Leaving aside the image of diets, Pomroy recommends eat foods that we like, as long as they are healthy. In other words, cooking with healthy foods does not limit our culinary pleasures. In this way, we stimulate the secretion of endorphins and stress is reduced.

Six Simple Tricks The Hollywood Nutritionist Recommends to celebrities like Jennifer Lopez whoAlong with good training, he has achieved incredible results.

Source: Marie Claire Spain

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