Marie-Sophie Lacarrau: This Hollywood star with whom we confuse the successor of Jean-Pierre Pernaut!


The new TF1 journalist was mistaken for American stars by fans!

On Monday, January 4, Marie-Sophie Lacarrau will make her debut at the head of the TF1 newscast of 13. A new face that fans of Jean-Pierre Pernaut are eager to discover. But before disembarking, the 45-year-old journalist presented the news on France 2 for four years. A period sufficient to mark the spirits of men …

As she revealed to our colleagues at Gala, the presenter had the chance to receive “many love letters and marriage proposals”. Some admirers confuse her with American stars such as Andie MacDowell, whom she “adores”, or even … Julia Roberts! “One day a waiter asked my husband, ‘How do you feel about dating Julia Roberts?’ He replied: ‘The real one is better!’ “, She said. 

However, the latter did not receive only compliments since it happened to him to face “some unpleasant letters”. “Some people thought that I have too much accent and that because of that, I do not speak French properly. It stings when you receive these letters. I don’t like it.”

She will only present the 1 pm newscast and that’s enough!

If at France Télévisions, the mother had hosted several programs such as Prodiges and Les Victoires de la musique, this will not be the case on the first channel. “I liked it a lot, I felt like I was on two legs, the news, and the entertainment, always on very high-quality programs,” she told La MontagneBut there, at first, it is obvious that I am going to devote myself fully to 1 pm. The challenge is significant enough not to be scattered. ”