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TROME – Actress Mariella Trejos of “AFHS” and “Así es la vida” moved to a shelter due to ill health

may god keep you in his great glory. Mariella Trejos, protagonist of works such as “Al fando hay siteio”, “Así es la vida” and “Torbellino”, has died at the age of 75, the Peruvian Union of Artists and Interpreters (Saip Artistas) confirms .

a few weeks ago, News about his transfer to a sanctuary in San Juan de Miraflores due to his deteriorating health Because he has no relatives in Peru.

Despite the intensive care he received at the center, his sensitive death was confirmed on August 27 this year.

Mariela Trejos Born in Colombia on July 22, 1948, he developed a long career in Peru, participating in such With rooms in the background, La Ricky Vicky and TorbellinoPlus, some classic series from iconic eras, including Carmín y Calígula: El Ángel vengador, and the successful film La fuga del jackal.

Mariella Trejos in Simple Maria (1969).

Mariella Trejos was taken to a shelter

just a few weeks ago Mariela Trejos She was sent to the Maria Rosario Arraoz shelter in San Juan de Miraflores because of her health condition.

“I’m very ill, we’ve been insisting on contacting the union, but no doctor has come, I need help, I’m in pain, I have bedsores and severe gastritis,” he said. manifested Mariela Trejos That time, it was obviously affected.

Born July 22, 1948 in Cali, Colombia Mariela Trejos She has no one in the country because she was married to her late husband, Jorge Billorou, for 36 years and has no children.

Mariela Trejos spent her final days in a shelter.

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