Mariella Trejos, ‘Road of Life’ actress remembered, dies at 75

Mariella Trejos has died at the age of 75.

After battling health and a strong desire to survive, Mariela Trejos He did not fight back and died this Sunday, August 27th. The Union of Performing Artists of Peru issued a farewell statement through its social networks and expressed condolences to the family of the deceased.

“The Union of Performing Artists of Peru – SAIP expresses its deep regret and sadness to the family of this famous actress of the national stage, our sincerest condolences Mariela Trejos In their post they stated that his sensitive death occurred today 8/27/2023.

The Union of Performing Artists of Peru has announced the death of Mariela Trejos. (Facebook)

As far as he is concerned, Ernesto Pimentel He did the same and shared a commemorative photo to bid farewell to the famous actress. “Dear Mariela Trejos, honored to be your friend, to admire you, to know you, and to learn from your endless talents. Goodbye and eternal applause,” he commented in the post.

Ernesto Pimentel bids farewell to Mariela Trejos. (Instagram)

Loero, Germany is also announced. As you may know, the two co-starred on the hugely successful TV series How Is Life in the early 2000s. “Rest in peace dear Mariela Trejos, thank you for everything,” the remembered actor wrote on his profile. Twitter account, Facebook account.

Germán Loero bids farewell to Mariella Trejos. (Facebook)

after his participation That’s life, there’s room at the bottom, Mariela Trejos Despite her 50-year artistic career, she has stayed away from the silver screen. A few years ago, the actress appeared in D-Day reporting, where she recounted the difficult life she lived in a small room in Barranco. The actress is of Colombian nationality, but she lived in our country and fell in love with him.

In that interview, he recalled that the few job offers he received were so precarious that they offered him as little as 200 soles to be part of the film. “I don’t have a pension, I don’t have a job. Do I live on handouts from my friends? You can say yes,” he said at the time, through tears. “You can’t ask me to pay 200 soles to see a movie, it’s not worth it to anyone,” said the artist.

Mariella Trejos and her 50-year career. D-day

In addition, he turned to institutions for help because he had no pension and could not survive. “I don’t like to cry to people (for help) because people end up running away from you,” he said. Mariela Trejos. She recalls that despite being recognized for her work, she was not able to receive any financial benefits because she was not Peruvian, but she still loved Peru despite not everything being so rosy.

However, this year Mariela Trejos She was once again in the news, urgently seeking medical help as her health became so fragile that she called authorities herself. The actress made this call in an exchange with the program Buenos Aires Peru.

“I’m in a bad situation, we’ve been insisting on contacting the union but no doctors have come, I need help, I’m in a lot of pain, I have bedsores and severe gastritis,” he said at the time.

The artist remembered was in poor health. Photo: Captura Panamericana Television/24 Hours

After pleading for help, Lima Mayor Rafael López Aliaga was present and dispatched staff from Solidarity Hospital to the actress’ home. At the time, Pan Am television cameras witnessed the actress being transferred to the Maria Rosario Araos Municipal Shelter in the San Juan de Miraflores district. In addition, it is reported that the artist has no relatives in our country and the support of the people of her native Colombia, so her health is almost abandoned.

Despite their efforts and care, their health Mariela Trejos It has broken so badly that it cannot resist, and on this Sunday, August 27th, it ceases to exist.

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