Marilyn Manson Faces a Police Investigation Into Allegations by Her Ex-Partners

Marilyn Manson

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department confirmed on Thursday that the Special Victims Office is investigating allegations of domestic violence involving Brian Warner, as the musician Marilyn Manson is really called, focusing on the facts that would have taken place between 2009 and 2011, when he resided in the West Hollywood area.

This time period coincides with the years that the rock star shared with actress Evan Rachel Wood, who last January published a statement on Instagram identifying her ex-fiancé as the person who had allegedly abused her, had washed him his brain taking advantage of his youth and had caused him post-traumatic stress that he still grapples with to this day.

Although the protagonist of the series “Westworld” had spoken in the past about the mistreatment she had suffered in the framework of a romantic relationship, and to which she referred during her appearance in the United States Congress to demand more protection for women. victims of domestic and sexual violence, until then she had never revealed any names.

His testimony caused half a dozen women – from a former personal assistant to several former partners – to break their silence to join his accusations and portray Manson as a manipulative and very dangerous man. The artist, for his part, has defended himself by claiming that all his sexual relationships and encounters have always been consensual, no matter how much over the years he has built a very controversial public image.

Just days after Wood shared the post that eventually led to the singer’s firing from his record company and two television series, police went to his Hollywood mansion after receiving a call reporting a “suspicious incident” on his property. and being unable to contact him. Although Manson did not come out to speak to the officers who showed up at his door to check if he was okay, his agent assured them there was nothing to worry about.