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Remember Marilyn Monroe? Amazing physique, very blonde hair and lips that won everyone over: now her favorite lipstick is on sale, at a really good price. You can buy it and show off to your friends with a stunning red color that reminds you of the great Hollywood diva. Ready to have too iconic lips?

Revlon, Marilyn Monroe’s favorite lipstick

Always a symbol of femininity red lipstick is a must which should never be missing in your makeup bag. But which one to choose? There are so many on the market and to the untrained eye, they all might look the same. In fact, the difference between one quality product and another is too obvious, and the stars are well aware of this. So you just have to emulate them, drawing inspiration from the most iconic looks of all time, to have lips are always perfect and protected from kisses. And to whom to refer, if not to Marilyn Monroe? Let’s find out her favorite lipstick.

It’s about Revlon Super Shiny Lipstick, a real guarantee in terms of cosmetics: it is a very high quality product made from emollient and moisturizing ingredients that has become a bestseller on Amazon. On the other hand, it offers great and ultra long lasting results at a truly sensational price. Isn’t it enough for you to know that Marilyn Monroe loved him? Well, there are many other celebrities who just can’t live without it: from Reese Witherspoon to Gal Gadot, from Olivia Wilde to Kylie Minogue and Ashley Graham, who is also his testimony. Definite, everyone has their favorite nuancebut Revlon always turns out to be their top choice.

Super glossy lipstick

Let’s see why Super Lustrous lipstick continues to be popular after so many years. product among the most loved by the stars. We are talking about the legendary lipstick with a silky and velvety texture that leaves the lips very soft and perfectly moisturized. Thanks to its delicate formula, enriched Vitamin Eto concretize and combat the signs of aging as well as avocado oil, ideal for those who suffer from chapped lips and want to speed up skin regeneration. Result? The perfect kissing mouth.

Revlon lipstick very easy to apply and not sticky, precisely because of its oily formula: simply apply a moisturizer (ideal for those with particularly dry lips) and then gently swipe it within the boundaries of the pencil to avoid imperfections. In a few moments you will have a dream mouth! The shade lasts for a long time, offering coverage during the day: the color is bright and intense, with beautiful reflections that will definitely not go unnoticed. And thanks to micropigments, the feeling is as if there is nothing on the lips.

What color to choose? Available 34 pieces, both in cream, and in nacreous execution. In short, you are spoiled for choice. But to have the same lips as Marilyn Monroe, it is enough to choose the number 750. kiss me coral: this is not an intense and cold red, as you might think, but a coral shade that makes the color warmer. It was he who was preferred by the great diva, so why not be inspired by her? On the other hand, as an icon of the past, he definitely knew his stuff.

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