Marina Kaye as a couple: She revealed the identity of her darling on Instagram!


To celebrate the New Year, the young woman unveiled the face of her companion on social networks.

It was at the beginning of November that Marina Kaye made her comeback with a new album called Twisted . An opus, carried by the title 7 Billion , which comes three years after Explicit . “I was born melancholy, I have a great melancholy. I have moments of enormous pain that I learn to manage over the years. Before, it was very hard, it was super complicated to ask myself and say that it will pass. Now I get there more, I know that I have to be one of the people who have to do work on them to be happy. But that’s what defines me also so I don’t want to reject that also, even if it sometimes goes against my well-being “ ,

But there is someone who is not against her well-being, it is her boyfriend. On New Years Eve, the 22-year-old singer showed her face on her latest post. We see the two lovebirds kissing, very happy with this transition to the year 2021.

“It is not at all the world of music, we met through friends”, she had slipped to our colleagues here during the promotion of Twisted. “Do not look for more clues about him in this album, I wrote it before meeting him. There is no toxic relationship with him, clearly” , she continued adding in passing:  “I can to be very good privately with him and to have lots of previous ideas that come back and that I would like to express “.