Marine Lorphelin naked on Instagram: this unprecedented shot of the former Miss France which surprises Internet users!


These fans are not used to it, but when she appears naked on Instagram, Marine Lorphelin is a hit.

In the middle of a countdown of daily photos, Marine Lorphelin gave her subscribers quite a surprise on December 29… with a rather very sexy shot.

No more vacation, back to work. While she had taken the plane to New Caledonia to join her companion Christophe Malmezac on December 17, ” I am very happy to be here because I will be able to find my companion Christophe. In recent months, the pandemic has brought us back. It was very complicated for us to manage. We only got to see each other once in the year and we really find the time long. So we discussed it and I I decided to go find him a few months “, for nine days now, the former Miss France has resumed her life in her apartment in Paris.

Ready to return to work after a well-deserved vacation, Lou-Anne Lorphelin’s sister must now wait fourteen days before being able to take advantage and leave her home. Indeed, a doctor by profession, the young woman was imposed a fortnight at her home on returning from the island, in order to comply with preventive measures against COVID-19. So that these days pass faster, Marine Lorphelin, at the head of 885,000 subscribers on Instagram, has decided to share her daily life with them. For the occasion, the young woman has activated a countdown in Instagram story, “forcing” to publish a different photo every day, until the end of her isolation. A game with her fans that she has respected for eleven days already. But, if after different photos like internet users are used to seeing on her account, during the ninth day of the challenge, Marine Lorphelin was somewhat… let go. This December 29, the former Miss France published two photos of her getting out of bed, dressed only in a simple white sheet with the caption “Batteries and vitamin D stock recharged, energy to spare … that I concentrate on my work. Ready for 2021 “

A publication which made many Internet users react. Very surprised, the latter did not hesitate to comment on the cliché, ”  I am in love”, “Divine”, “too much beauty in one photo  “. Her beauty queen friends have also shown their admiration for the young woman, like Vaimalama Chaves “B beauty  ”