Mario Ayala, the historic “capi” of Leon in the 1970s, dies

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Mario “El Cappi” Ayala Valentinthe captain of history club leon In the 1970s, he died of pneumonia this Sunday at the age of 81.

Family of ex-player confirm death of strong ex Esmeralda, she He dedicated most of his life to Club Leonwhether on the field, in the office or on the bench.

“I dare say that Mario is one of the most professional players to have passed through this institution. Dr. Primo Quiroz, former director of the Club de Leon and current historian of the Exhibition Center, commented:

Mario Ayala, Chepe Chavez and Manuel Guillen with Club de Leon. Photo FB Manuel Guillen.

Originally from Lapida, Michoacán, Mario Ayala started his career at Cremas del AméricaIn 1964, he entered the First Division with the team.

same year He is a member of the Mexican national team competing in the Olympics In Tokyo.

He won the Mexican Cup with América Millionaire in 1965 and the Serie A title in 1966.

In 1969 he decided to move to León, where he discovered him at a youth tournament and settled in Fiera.

He was one of the teams that finished second in the league in the 1972-1973 and 1974-1975 seasons.Conductor stars include Rafael Albrecht, Roberto Salomone, Jorge Davino and José “Chepe” Chávez, as well as other historic figures from the Emeralds.

Leon, in the 1970s, was already with Mario Ayala.

In addition, he also won the Mexican Cup championship with the team in 1972 and 1975, which was the last year of his career.

Some of the Mexican Cup titles won by the club in Leon.

After retiring, he continued to be associated with the Club de Leon at various times and positions.. Served as technical assistant, coach, manager, technical secretary, basic strength coach, and technical director of the first team of the Supreme Tour.

“His career was very much identified with Leon… His life was this team and this city,” added Primo Queiroz after learning of “Cappi’s” death.

rest in peace.

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