Mario Balotelli, miss the wedding with Francesca: now there is Cecilia

New in love Mario Balotelli. Two years later, a love story between a football player and Francis Monty. The couple were about to get married, as his closest friends whispered, but the athlete chose to move on. The assailant didn’t make an official breakup – after all, he’s always been very secretive about his personal life – but Chi’s paparazzi pinched him in the company of a new love. blonde Cecilia, with whom Super Mario spent moments of romance and passion.

Mario Balotelli in Venice with his new girlfriend Cecilia

According to gossip magazine, Mario Balotelli and Cecilia they stayed in Baglioni Hotel Luna in Venice. During a romantic getaway in the lagoon, they indulged in hugs and understanding looks, and there was no shortage of purchases: first Hermes, then jewelry store Fasoli. Balotelli and the girl also treated themselves to a romantic lunch at the Bistrot de Venise and a classic gondola ride. At the moment, little or nothing is known about Cecilia, but Balotelli, after posting a photo shoot that concerns him, shared an Instagram story in which he toasts a young woman.

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