Mark Emms’ engagement ring costs over 800,000 euros

Bella Thorne and Mark Emms are ready to say yes. He gave her an engagement ring worth a fortune.

In the archive is a love story with Benjamin Mascolo, Bella Thorne she has found love again and is ready to take the big step. The actress is related to the entrepreneur and film producer Mark Emms. After living together for a little over a year, they decided to get married. A marriage proposal with the inevitable ring has already arrived. Said jewel, which the 25-year-old proudly showed off on social media, has an exorbitant cost.

How much is Bella Thorne’s engagement ring?

The former Disney star and the creator of the Bad Vegan brand met in August 2022: the convict was at the birthday party of Cara Delevingne in Ibiza. Between them there was love at first sight, and since then they have become a stable couple. Bella Thorne just broke up with Benjamin Mascolo, this story lasted three years and ended a step away from marriage. Only a few months later, he told the backstory of this story, motivating the gap with a series of disagreements in lifestyle, work, relationships with money.

Thus, for the actress, the ring received by her current boyfriend Mark Emms is the second engagement ring. And it costs a fortune! Jewelry specialist and director of Abelini (the famous British jewelry house) Nilesh Raholia, in an interview with the Spanish magazine Hola, suggested that this 10 carat diamond. According to him, the jewel is worth a fortune: “Known for its elegance and sophistication, the emerald cut diamond engagement ring is a classic choice. The addition of baguette-cut diamonds to the sides of the center stone further enhances the overall design of the ring. Baguettes are known for their elegant, elongated shape that pairs beautifully with emerald cuts. Their presence gives the ring a touch of modernity and sophistication, and also enhances the sparkle of the central diamond. Considering the exceptional craftsmanship, the rarity of the gemstones, and the elegant cut, our estimate puts this remarkable ring at over $950,000.i” matches 889 thousand euros.

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