Mark Wahlberg crashes a military base in Germany with the opening of their new restaurant | People and Celebrity


Mark Wahlberg had to be escorted at the end of last week after a swarm of fans would approach the actor for an autograph, a selfie or a hug. But this situation did not occur in the premiere of one of his films in the Hollywood glamour, but in the u.s. military base Ramstein, in Germany. And the fans were soldiers, and family members are surprised by the presence of the performer in movies such as Day of patriots, The italian job or The planet of the apes. The actor and his brother, chef Paul Wahlberg, has opened in the european country a local chain of restaurants, Wahlburgers (a name that blends your last name and the word hamburger in English), known for their turkey burgers and bacon.

The interpreter went up a couple of videos in your account of Instagram of your step by the military base. In the first, he is seen surrounded by a crowd of people, both military and civilian, trying to approach him with their mobile phones or notebooks and any hats and slippers. There were even two women who were briefs white Calvin Klein to the sign, as Wahlberg before becoming an actor he worked as a model and starred in campaigns of this lingerie brand. Also had tv cameras. In this publication, the actor wrote: “A moment from which to feel pride and share it with our great military family. A few true heroes!”.

In contrast, in the second recording, we can appreciate an atmosphere of calm, with Wahlberg and a group of soldiers looking at the camera. The actor speaks to them and tells them: “Only os I want to thank, from deep of my heart. You do a great sacrifice and I really appreciate that.” Finished the brief speech, the military does not resist to ask for more autographs.

The new location of Wahlburgers is the first in Germany and also the first in a us military base. Despite its massive opening, will not begin to be operational until the month of January, replacing the former facility that operated Johnny Rockets, another fast food chain. The actor explained that due to the small size of the local offer for a time a menu is less extensive than is the norm they have in their restaurants in the united States, to adapt to the space and get from foreign suppliers. “It will be a service desk, you will not have a complete service such as a restaurant. So come and place your order,” he said.

Unlike their other local in the united States, Canada and the United Kingdom, the Germany depends not only on the brothers Wahlberg, but also the Exchange Service Army and Air Force of the united States, which plans to open more establishments Wahlburgers in Europe. In 2020, will inaugurate also one at the base Lewis-McChord, in Tacoma, in the state of Washington.

Mark Wahlberg and two of his brothers, Paul and Donnie, founded this business in 2011, when they opened their first store outside of Boston (Massachusetts). The success of the chain, also in part because between the heads is a star of cinema, has led them to extend it to other countries and even across the pond. The third of the brothers was unable to attend the inauguration in Ramstein because he was working in New York.