Mark Wahlberg explains how it feels to take off a tattoo and that doesn’t sound right


Whether by rebellion, fashion or pure curiosity, the desire to make us a tattoo arrive eventually, although not all do, and, depending on the situation and the stage of life in which this happens, we may end up with something amazing or the ugliest thing the world has ever seen, like a donut around the belly button, a cliché, like the infinity symbol, or a stroke of “art” that we are going to regret it for the rest of our lives (or with one of those tattoos of bad luck, as the name of a couple that we’re going to have to delete it in a few years, just ask Johnny Depp).

Getting a tattoo is not a decision that you should take lightly, you have to be really sure that you want to have that design on your body for the rest of your life, choose the right person to do it and make sure that it look exactly like you want it before they begin to burn it into your skin (that’s why I show a stencil of the design before), especially because the treatments to remove them are expensive, take several sessions and are very painful, or that’s what it says Mark Wahlberg, aka the man who, according to what you shared in your routine, get up at 2 in the morning to train.

Wahlberg says that he warned the rapper Post Malonethat has all the face-tattoo, which was careful to the point of getting a tattoo more when they were on the set of his new movie to Netflix Spencer’s Confidential.

During an appearance on the Late, Late Show with James Corden, Wahlberg said he has removed about 7 or 8 tattoos during the past years, and Corden asked if he had or had given him any advice about the rapper, the actor said that if.

“Yes, I have,” said Wahlberg to Corden. “And you know what, you have now added more to his face. And I say: It is not the same to sit down and have a couple of beersyou can fall asleep, you wake up and suddenly is a and ready. It took Me five years to take me off all tattoos. And it is terribly painful.”

According to the producer of The Fighter, remove a tattoo is “1000%” more painful to make one and ensures that the experience feels as if you jumped into the skin “bacon fat hot that hits you time and time again”.

“I had like eight or nine. I was surrounded by the neck, stomach, arms, back, and leg” (but what might have been as bad as the tattoo of the back of Ben Affleckthat even led him to lie and say that it was false to stop bothering you?).

Corden asked the actor and producer what it was that led him to want to remove their tattoos, to which he replied that it was a combination of “maturity and sensitivity”. Adding that he was trying to remove the tattoos before filming The Fighter, in which she played the boxer in real-life Micky Ward.

The actor said that the dermatologist said to remove them completely you should complete in between five and seven visits spanning over a period of five to seven years, but Wahlberg visited once a month and they removed the tattoos in less than seven months (maybe that’s why he felt so much pain).

“Then I told him to Post that is going to have to take many Bud Lights to try to take those things,” he said.

In addition, Mark says that Post Malone thought the same thing that he thought when they did their tattoos. Wahlberg said that the rapper “said all the kids say”, and what he himself said at the time: “‘No, No, No, they all have sense, the will keep it for always‘. But then you realize: ‘I’m approaching 40, I have to do something about it.’

For his part, Malone says that he did his tattoos in the face by insecurity about his appearance. Said “[Los tatuajes de la cara sí] maybe you come from a place of insecurity, where I don’t like how I look, so I will put something cool there to be able to look at me and say: ‘You look great, boy”, and I have a bit of confidence in myself when it comes to my appearance.”