Mark Wahlberg explains in an interview the ‘hate’ between him and Leonardo DiCaprio


Mark Wahlberg and Leonardo DiCaprio have work together on several occasions, the first was in the movie ‘Diary of a rebel‘in 1995 Scott Kalvert and also in ‘Infiltrators‘in 2006 Martin Scorsese. However, from the first tape in which participated together there are rumors that both actors do not lead to anything good.

The next month of September hit theaters spaniards ‘Mile 22’ but in the month of August will arrive at the billboard-american, for this reason, Mark Wahlberg made a statement that has picked up ‘Extra TV‘where, would, among other things, the rumors of hate between him and the actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

Apparently the misunderstanding was able to start when both were filming ‘Diary of a rebel‘according to ancient testimonies collected by ‘The Hollywood Reporter when DiCaprio he knew that Wahlberg would be in the film reacted quite badly, with words like: “over my fucking dead body. Marky Mark’s not going to be in this fucking movie,” noted the actor. And he added: “we Had had a brush and not even I had realized. I was angry with him for a basketball game in solidarity. So he was like “this asshole’s not going to be in the movie.”

However, in the recent statements Mark ensures that your relationship is good.

“There was a disagreement,” says Mark, “I think that between us and every one had an opinion specific to every one, certainly… it Was just, you know, as a rapper I was a little out of it all, was loud and abrasive […] It was a film very serious and had a very serious. That’s why the director of the film (Scott Kalvert) that I had made all my music videos, I felt that I was more than capable of interpreting the role. But no one had seen me acting in a film, so I had to go out and prove my worth. Once I finally got to the point that I was able to audition and read with him (DiCaprio), we looked at each other and said: ‘Wow!’ We went out that night and we became friends quickly.”

Even Wahlberg has come to admit, would not mind to return to work with Leonardo DiCaprio in another film.

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