Mark Wahlberg makes a call to their fans to not fall for scams


Mark Wahlberg makes a call to his followers, through social networks, to be vigilant and not fall into scams. It all started because a fan was tricked by messages, in which, they asked her for money to meet the actor.

Through a post on Instagram, Mark described the situation next to the image that received his follower, which, it should be noted, is a lousy photoshophowever, the actor said that someone had already fallen into such a scam, losing as well, 85 thousand dollars.

“The joke of the day – An imposter sent in this picture of me, with a poor photoshop, to convince a fan that I was really talking to me. Being serious, please do not send any money to anyone claiming to be me. I just found out yesterday that someone was scammed for 85 thousand dollars; so be careful! There is only a single verified account on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. I don’t have Whatsapp, Hangouts, Messenger, Snapchat or TikTok. (They can send the screenshots of fake accounts to remove them to [email protected] and my team will be in charge.)” said the actor.

In the image, it will be appreciated ‘supposedly’ the actor, holding a paper that says “My dear… you Are my friend and would not do anything that will hurt. Trust me.”

Other similar cases

In the comments of the publication, several followers have given to know that lately they have been getting this type of messages through social networks, not only by people who are posing as the actor, but also by other celebrities.