Mark Wahlberg seeks justice in “Spencer: Confidential”


Mark Wahlberg it has no boundaries, began to be what some people call a baby face that would be no more than an underwear model; he says that few believed it would succeed in the action, stereotype that broke to be nominated for an Oscar for “The Departed”.

The actor continued with a career that totals more than 40 films, in which also was tested as a producer and, he said in an interview with EL UNIVERSAL, that could soon give the surprise of becoming a director, but is “step by step”.

The actor premiered the film “Spencer: confidential” this 8 of march— in which he plays a former accused of murder who, upon leaving prison, will be prosecuted by a police system is corrupt in Boston and criminal groups.

This is not a job for Mark, is the fifth that produces and it is the first time working with Netflix, in addition to lost almost six pounds in five days for his role.

“It is a film different in many ways, I continue to produce and now we dare to work in a different way to be with a service streaming, and that speaks of the corrupt system in the police”, he explained.

Peter Berg, Scott Acropora and Mark Wahlberg.

For the actor of 48 years, to talk about the police system is not new, it has done so in Four brothers, 2 guns and The departed, where it shows the corruption that lives within the police. Walhberg said that more than obsessed with the topic, consider something necessary to talk about the topic.

“It seems to Me that the topic is relevant at the global level and that we must speak of him, in the world of entertainment also in our favour retratarlo. These are stories that we tell and, more than to have a fascination with it, is something that we need to talk, there are a lot of people unfairly locked up, and some that should be behind bars are not,” he said.

Wahlberg was considered that in this first dumbbell with the platform has its advantages —like having more control over your project and freedom when it comes to wanting to tell the story as you want— and with this, also the risks that you are willing to overcome.

“The public in Netflix is perhaps very strict. The film has that make it possible for like with a product that the audience is not asked to have, but one you want to snag. When going to the movies, you choose what you want to see at the box office; you end liking it or not, the people will choose such a film for the genre or the actor, but the streaming is different, there are thousands of options, and you are competing against a universe of possibilities that they may see your movie and do not give to other content,” he said.

Having been a model, singer, star of reality show, actor and producer, what’s next in the career of Wahlberg? The answer is perhaps simple and obvious one: director.

“It is a question that I have from a couple of years ago (to be director) and I wonder how I will do it, because what is true is that every time I want to have more control over my projects, and yes it is something I want to do,” admitted the histrión.