Mark Wahlberg starring Our Man from Jersey to Netflix


After Spencer: Confidential, Mark Wahlberg it’s ready to star in a new film for Netflix. In this ocasin it is a belonging to the genre of espionage: it is titled Our Man from Jersey, and have a script signed by David Guggenheim, which has been responsible for films like The Guest or the blockbuster Bad Boys for Life. It is normal, on the other hand, that Netflix wants to go back to having Wahlberg: after all, the above-mentioned Spencer: Confidential it was possible to gather 85 million subscribers.

Our Man from Jersey, what’s new with Wahlberg for Netflix

According to reports from Deadline, Netflix has bet a good sum to be done with this project: the medium indicates that the streaming platform “there will be expended a number of seven figures to acquire the project”, as that the intentions of the company Reed Hastings it seems that it is shielded at all costs your catalogue with productions led by actors of the first line. The project, for their part, have a script written by David Guggenheim, who also created the series Designated successorthat it was on Netflix after two seasons on ABC.

The details of the plot of Our Man from Jersey they keep in secret. However, it seems that Mark Wahlberg will be in charge of interpreting some sort of espa stationed in New Jersey. In turn, the actor har the times of producer, along with Stephen Levinsonthat has been the brain of this idea. For the moment, we will have to wait for Netflix to provide more information about it.

After the success of Spencer’s: Confidential, Wahlberg gets to work with Netflix

Netflix has worked well to surround yourself with players recognized: without go ms far, we have the case of Tyler Rake starring Chris Hemsworth, film that it was possible to bring together 90 million homes for its premiere in the platform. In addition, the service also prepares Network Notice: the project, though is now paralyzed due to the coronavirus, have Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds.

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