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Mark Wahlberg, totally transformed. The 49-year-old actor lost the fight with the kilograms

In mid-April, Mark Wahlberg revealed that he had to gain 14 kilograms in the next three weeks. He proposed this after accepting the role in “Father Stu”.

As time went on, Mark took a photo to keep fans informed of his progress.

This is not the first time Markl Wahlberg has undergone a radical change. This time he had to eat “everything that falls into his hands”, and the strategy worked.

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“It simply came to our notice then. Thanks to @chef_lawrence_d’s food “, the actor noted in the description of the image. In the collage containing two images taken at the time distance mentioned above, Mark appears without a shirt.

In the first picture, the man exposes his intensely worked figure at the gym, and the second shows him sitting in bed. The extra pounds are visible to the naked eye.

Mark Wahlberg, accused of taking steroids

In the past, the name of actor Mark Wahlberg has been linked to a scandal in which a large steroid dealer was sentenced to prison.

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Although there was talk of evidence that the actor bought steroids from him, Mark said at the time that as far as he was concerned, everything is natural, and the physical form he possesses is due to the intense work in the gym. sports.

Mark Wahlberg takes intense care of his body

It is known that Mark Wahlberg trained daily and had a tough schedule, which started around five in the morning. This included physical training, cryosauna, golf and healthy eating. His days ended at 7:30 p.m., when he was already asleep.

But although he is passionate about a healthy lifestyle, Mark Wahlberg does not shy away from resorting to drastic physical transformations.

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They brought him huge amounts in accounts and last year alone the actor’s fortune was estimated at 225 million dollars. In addition to his acting and advertising money, Mark Wahlberg also owns a chain of fast food restaurants in the United States.

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