Marrakash fed up with Elodie, Shakira’s last revenge song, Ciofalo’s pleas

Hot weekend, despite the fact that the weather does not help. thinks about it hearing to stir up gossip with new loves (with Max Biaggi), flashbacks (between Drusilla Gucci and Francesco Ciofalo) and poignant confessions. There is something for every taste.

Marrakash is tired of hearing about Elodie

She ended up in the arms of Iannone, he is single and thinks about music. The story of Elodie and Marrakash ended for a while (two years have passed since the farewell). And yet there is someone who is still thinking, so Marra has said enough. In an interview with Gianluca Gazzoli on his Passa al BSMT podcast, the rapper said, “Never again and never then.” Too much pressure, too much paparazzi, too much glamour:”Because then you will never let go: two years have passed since my last relationship, and there are still people who write to me, and to her, I think, too. This story has strongly influenced the Italian imagination, so I understand it, but all this media hype is not for me.“. Some people just have nothing to do.

Max Biaggi, fire and flames in Formentera with Virginia

Virginia DeMasi dancer, Neapolitan, 23 years old. It was she who made Max Biaggi lose his head. The former motorcycle racer opened up with his latest very young flame, who is twenty-nine years his junior. The new couple was with the paparazzi in Formentera in between hugs, tangles and hot kisses on the golden beaches of the island. And after a day on the beach between sun, relaxation and diving, here they go crazy with aperitifs and dinners at the most popular clubs. Max doesn’t hide what’s wrong with that. Local VIPs pay attention to boy toys, and he prefers to follow youth trends. De Gustibus.

Tim Summer Hits Hot Kiss Off Screen

Who will be the two singers who kissed backstage on Tim Summer Hits? The gossip came from a report from Dagospia, made even more poignant this early summer. “Singer who sang together at Tim’s Summer Festival swears she saw two young people male colleagues kisses in the dark lair backstage” we read on an irreverent site, which then provides a little help to readers: “They are Italians, but they are dealing with a foreign country.“. What can you see behind the scenes!!

Drusilla Gucci and Ciofalo back together

The news is not so much that the heiress is back with Roman, but the motivation that brought them closer. Laughing thing. “He begged me, he did a lot of scenes, he said he’s changed, he’s a different person.” admitted Drusilla Gucci in an interview given fan pages. In short, conquest to the sounds pleading. But she remains wary: “Yes, yes, let’s seePassionate love, there’s no doubt about it.

Shakira and Pique’s new revenge song

Here we go again. Shakira has released a new hitVasiy Cup(empty cup), we are talking about, you guessed it, Gerard Pic. The pop star just can’t stomach the antics of the former and continues punish him write songs against him. The latter is less mischievous than the others (so to speak…), but it does not bring back the positive image of an athlete described as an empty cup. “I ask for warmth, and you only give me iceBut you don’t want it when I want it You are colder than January, I give you warmth, but you are always ice. I’m waiting for you, and you disappoint me, so it doesn’t work!Shaq seems to be talking about trying to reconnect with Gerard, shipwrecked, however, due to her lack of passion for the former Barça player. In short, another bad advertisement for him.

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