Marry me, film, plot, actors, cast, ending, where it is filmed

Prime Video offers a movie called protégé. This is a thriller with a dramatic atmosphere.

Production belongs USA. Year of implementation – 2021, duration – one hour 49 minutes.

Actors movie Protégé

Film Protege – directing, main characters, where it is filmed

Director Martin Campbell. Main characters Alain AND Sophie interpreted accordingly Frank Dubosk AND Alexandra Lamy. Also in the cast Christian Millet in the role Mami Teresa.

Filming took place in Franceespecially Paris and adjacent areas in the territory French capital.

Production Kare Productions in collaboration with Gaumont AND Movies M6.

The film is known worldwide as Family Feelings.

Film Protégé, where he is filmed

Protégé – the plot of the film broadcast on Prime Video

In 1991 in Vietnam, the man finds many dead men in the building and a Vietnamese girl hiding in a closet with a gun. Leave the place after finding a lot of money and pick up the girl. Anna with him. Present tense capricious he grew up Anna and they are professional hitmen living a comfortable life London.

When capricious decides to investigate the life of a mysterious boy Lucas Hayes last seen in 1999 Paris, Anna goes to the dry cleaners and asks the owner Benny look for information about Lucas Hayes and his whereabouts. Then a man named Rembrandt visits Anna in his luxury bookstore and asks for a rare book. When he gets home he finds a housekeeper Claudia killed on the ground as well capricious died in the bath.

final spoiler

He heads to the dry cleaners and also finds Benny killed, burned by a steam press. As she goes to her bookstore to get guns, two assassins fire on the store, but she kills them both. Lost my only family Anna he decides to take revenge and returns to Vietnam look for any clue about the person who ordered the assassination capricious.

Final Film Protégé

Protégé: full cast

Below is the cast of the film protégé and the corresponding characters played by the actors

  • Maggie Q: Anna
  • Samuel L. Jackson: Moody
  • Michael KeatonStory by: Michael Rembrandt
  • Robert Patrick: Billy Boy
  • Patrick Malahide: Fol
  • David RintoulStory by: Edward Hayes
  • Ori Pfeffer: Athens
  • Ray Fearon: Duke
  • Florin Pirsic Jr.: Ram
  • Caroline Longsg: Claudia

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