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Mars Horizon Space Agency Strategy Gets Major “Expanded Horizons” Update

All owners of Mars Horizon too Theorem Oguta try the biggest update that ever came out for the game. A patch called Expanded Horizons adds a whole bunch of new content to the game.

  • A new mission that includes the use of the famous Perseverance rover and the Ingenuity helicopter. It will allow recreating the events of NASA’s real Mars-2020 program.
  • The reusable Wyvern Upper rocket, reflecting the latest trends in modern astronautics, which have not yet entered into permanent use. It can be obtained by researching the corresponding technology – the possibility of reusing the same rocket will save time and money.
  • New game modes: sandbox, where everything is already open, launches never fail and buildings can be freely moved, as well as Iron Core, in which players can only autosave.

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