Martí Batres calls for calm after UNAM issues COVID-19 alert

Marty Bartress.Photo: CDMX Government

The current head of the government of Mexico City, Marty Bartrez Guadarrama, A recent alert by the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) over Covid-19 has drawn the institution’s attention.

at a press conference flower market, the capital’s president was asked what steps CDMX would take after the resumption of masks following the alarm from the National Autonomous University of Mexico. In light of this, he said the capital government was “guided” by the instructions. Sanitation Committeeso far has not taken a position on the issue.

He noted that as recently as Aug. 1 of this year, the agency reported behavior of the virus that “clearly” behaved differently in cases. However, it has been dealt with by relevant departments,

“Obviously there is a Small spike, but things have returned to normal, We are very careful. There are no circumstances of concern at this time,” the president said.

Beyond that, he said there had been no change in their numbers or cases in terms of hospitalizations, for which he asked for the most recent information to be properly differentiated.In this sense, his call to transmit data ise reflect the current situation; He assured his administration would keep the records provided by the health department.

“According to the Federal Ministry of Health, we have not had any hospitalizations, we are always careful to protect the health of CDMX residents, but it is important that this information corresponds to the moment we live in.” There is not even a single case requiring hospitalization now Health meetings with the Mexican government every 8 days We’re there to communicate, anything that we’ve communicated. ’ the president emphasized.

in the frame back to school The institution has issued a statement at various student levels at the university alerting its community and the wider public to the “behavioural changes” of Covid-19 and has launched a series of adjustments in response.

Back to School in August (Cuartoscuro)

In a statement shared on social networks, UNAM called for the continuation of the hygiene measures previously implemented, such as the use of masks, frequent hand washing, etc., to avoid the risk of infection among students, students and staff. Who will return to the classroom.

“In recent weeks, the behavior of Covid 19 in our country has changed, particularly with regard to the number of cases and the positivity of diagnostic tests, suggesting widespread transmission of the virus at the community level in most parts of the world,” the statement said.

UNAM issued an alert to its community Photo: UNAM/CUARTOSCURO.COM

However, the agency assured that there had been no major changes in hospitalizations, deaths and variants of Covid-19, so the overall situation was described as “under control”. However, it has issued a series of advice on how to avoid any type of communicable disease, especially around universities.

“Despite the relative calm and generally favorable conditions, general measures to prevent infection and complications from COVID-19 are recommended to continue at this time of year and prior to university events.” As well as other respiratory illnesses (influenza, respiratory syncytial virus, pneumonia, etc.), especially considering the most vulnerable in the community”

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