Martika mom is sexy in a bikini : found his line again, she shows off her flat stomach


A young mother of a small daughter named Mia, born on 14. november 2019, Martika separately, some time to enjoy, in love with her fiancé, Umberto in Dubai. On the program : a reunion with their friends and reality-tv-Elsa Dasc and her husband, Arthur, shopping and, above all, lazing around on the beach. On this last point, which is also the occasion for the pretty brunette from his most beautiful bikinis was.

On Instagram on Sunday, the 23. February 2020, which was at the casting in the last time Mamas & Famous (TFX) has the advantages of its many followers, and presents a photo of her at sea. In a swimsuit at the neckline with dizzying, the transition shows a flat stomach, a little more than three months after his birth. A silhouette thin and flawless, which impressed the users. “Oh man, I guess you’re back to your line. This is awesome !“, “Wow, you’re super“, “The bomb“you can read in between other comments. I have to say that Martika had the chance, you quickly lose the pounds of pregnancy, as you explained to us in an interview Pure people. “Overall, I have 14 kilos, but today I have lost almost everything ! Must me to lose about 1 kilo and a half, I’m almost back at my weight from the form, so that was pretty fast.

If Martika is to be happy, granted to a break with Umberto, thinking it impossible, however, to not his daughter, Mia, was Monaco. In the legend of its release, the ex-Julien Guirado shows in the lack of the small child and stated that he had a hurry to find you.