Martín Carrizo, Caramelito’s brother, died: “Tell me where I’m going”

The musician Martín Carrizo, brother of Cecilia “Caramelito” Carrizo, died this Tuesday at 50 years of age after an arduous battle against Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), disease that had been diagnosed in 2017.

“Tell me, please, where do I go?”, Wrote his sister this morning in a post on social networks to announce the death of the former drummer of the ANIMAL group between 1994 and 1997. “Thank you dear ones, for your unconditional love, help and support. They did him very well every day. Infinite thanks. Martín died today, January 11, at dawn. His love, his smile, his music remain with us forever ”, expressed the host.

Throughout his career, the artist also participated in the album Puff, from Gustavo Cerati, was a recording, mixing and mastering from the albums Porco Rex, The perfume of the tempest, Little birds, brave little boys Y The nightingale, love and death, of Indian Solari and played drums in his band, Los Fundamentalistas del Aire Acondicionado. Too worked with Abel Pintos in Things of the heart and with Benito Cerati in Triptour.

Martín Carrizo shared the details of his health status through social networks. At the beginning of December, the musician moved with a heartfelt publication in which he recounted his day-to-day life and the effort required to interact with others with the advanced disease.

“I’m in the same hell, too exhausted to be able to graphically explain 1% of what I feel all day”, stated a month ago in a heartbreaking publication that was accompanied by a selfie yours reclining on an armchair. And he compared the sensations with a reference almost difficult to imagine so that his fans could get an idea of ​​the physical ailments he was going through. “It’s like I’m lying on the floor and [tuviese] an elephant standing on top of me without moving and one of its legs in my face. To that, we add the pain in my ankles, feet, hands, wrists and veins ”, he specified.

However, the musician did not lower his arms. The posts in which he referred to the recovery treatments he had undergone over time were common. “If I find myself writing this for everyone, it is because I am a hard head and while I listen to Los Abuelos de la Nada I still want my recovery”He claimed weeks ago.

“As I always say, I really want to get well, but without the help of all of you it would be really impossible !! I don’t have to tell you that I can’t work today, you already know me and you know that I don’t like to complain or cry !!! But once again I feel like a chosen one, despite all that I have to live, which is very strong, I feel accompanied at all times ”, expressed Martín in the middle of last year.

In his fight against ALS, the drummer underwent various treatments, including one alternative in Miami to improve your quality of life. Due to the costly process, Caramelito, her sister, started a fundraising campaign in 2019 to be able to face it. Many artists, including Indio Solari, made their donations and the collection reached six million pesos.

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, Martín continued treatment throughout 2020 and raised money again thanks to a venture devised by his son Benjamin -who follows in his father’s footsteps on drums-, who sold printed T-shirts inspired by his musical career. The musician also sold his batteries to pay for medical procedures.

Born in Buenos Aires on January 3, 1972, Martín Carrizo stood out as one of the best drummers in the country in recent decades. He also served as a sound engineer and music producer. He played with Gustavo Cerati and Indio Solari, in the group ANIMAL (between 1994 and 1997), Pr3ssion and Walter Giardino Temple. He was also the producer and composer of the vast majority of the songs sung by his sister, Caramelito Carrizo.

Martín Carrizo was one of the best drummers that Argentine rock gave in the last three decades
Martín Carrizo was one of the best drummers that Argentine rock gave in the last three decadesInstagram

Together with ANIMAL he recorded the albums End of a sick world Y The new way of man. As a member of the band, he toured the entire country and much of the continent with countless recitals. When he separated from the group in 97, he was summoned by Walter Giardino (singer of Rata Blanca) to join his solo project (Giardino Temple), with whom he recorded an album and performed at the Obras Stadium and in various parts of the country. .

Gustavo Cerati had his participation in the recording of the album Puff and added it to his first tour without Soda Stereo. Together with the singer, he performed 70 shows throughout South America, Central America and several cities in the United States.

Backstage, before a show in Panama, during the Bocanada tour: Fernando Nalé, Martín Carrizo, Adrián Taverna, Gustavo Cerati and Flavio Etcheto
Backstage, before a show in Panama, during the Bocanada tour: Fernando Nalé, Martín Carrizo, Adrián Taverna, Gustavo Cerati and Flavio EtchetoPicky Talarico

In 2001 he recorded the album Pr3ssion, composed and produced by the artist two years before his return to ANIMAL, not only as a drummer but also as an arranger, technical recording producer and mixing technician. Before the band’s disbandment in 2005, the group recorded the album Combative.

In 2007, Carrizo was summoned by Indio Solari as a sound engineer to work on the album. Porco rex. Later, the former singer of Patricio Rey y sus Redonditos de Ricota incorporated him to his band and added him as a recording engineer. Together with him he recorded The perfume of the tempest in 2010, from which time he began to play live with Los Fundamentalistas del Aire Acondicionado, and the album Little birds, brave little boys, in 2013. This morning, the Indio Solari band fired the musician on their social networks. “The memory of the shared concerts and your fight against adversity remains for us, which prompted us to reunite all of us, up and down the stage. Goodbye, Martín ”, wrote Los Fundamentalistas del Aire Acondicionado.

“Good trip mate! We gave it our all! We learned, we won, we lost, we laughed and we cried. That’s what living is all about! Thank you! ”, Wrote on his Instagram account Marcelo Corvalán, who shared the band ANIMAL with Martín

In 2017, the disease began to frustrate the continuity of his musical career. Today, the rock scene mourns his departure and dedicates emotional messages to the artist through social networks.

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