Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio team up again (for the seventh time)

The director’s next film is a new author’s adaptation of The Flower Moon Killers, which will be released in theaters in October.

As we prepare to arrive Flower Moon Assassinslegendary director Martin Scorsese has already set his sights on another Apple production, and he will always do so with Leonardo DiCaprio.. They will be working together on an adaptation of another recently released non-fiction book by David Grann, the same lyricist who is adapting the couple’s award-winning new film.

Pending flower killers Lunar Martin Scorsese is already preparing his next film, again with Leonardo DiCaprio!

Job Bet: a tale of shipwreck, mutiny and murder which Grann advertised to the media in France, a tour in which she mentioned that her work would be material for Scorsese’s next film. “It seems that the film Jesus, which Scorsese hinted at during his visit to the Vatican, is more of an experimental attempt by the legendary director, a reflection on his beliefs. Seems like Pari is his first choice.”

The synopsis for Grann’s book, already a New York Times bestseller, reads: “The story of Weiger takes place in 1740, when a ship carrying 30 emaciated men lands off the coast of Brazil. These people are the surviving crew of a British ship that was chasing another Spanish ship and wrecked on an island in the Patagonia region of South America. However, their stories of survival at the mercy of the seas and the elements made them heroes, six months later another ship, even more battered, than the first one ends up off the coast of Chile, this time with three men on board. These new sailors accused the former of being a rebel group.”

Martin Scorsese also appears to have three other films currently in development; a Jerry Garcia biopic with Jonah Hill and a Teddy Roosevelt biopic with Leonardo DiCaprio (but that project might be dead) and supposedly a new take on the life of Jesus that will pit him against The Last Temptation of Christ with Willem Dafoe.

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