Martínez behind, a risky bet for Racing

Mauricio Martínez was a player who gained ground with the arrival of Fernando Gago to Racing. In the first game just, almost without training on, it was as a starter since Nery Domínguez was not optimal. The same happened the next match, in which Domínguez appeared in the second half. But already on the third date, with Nery full, it was expected that he would leave the team although Pintita left him on the court. On a kind of internal steering wheel, it didn’t work at all well. And last date, against Colón, he looked at him from the bench and entered in the last minutes of the game.

But emergencies can bring him back to ownership. And although it is not confirmed, in this possible team that could go out this Thursday to the Monumental, it would occupy a place where its presence is usually risky. Even both Claudio Úbeda and Juan Antonio Pizzi suffered when they used him in that position. We are talking about the left central marker. To this is added that there will be a tough opponent like River, who attacks well and vehemently.

Without the Sigali Bear, the other alternative that the Academy coach manages to be a defender is Lucas Orban, who was pardoned after spending five months running at Tita for a leadership decision. The coach loves the left-hander and in fact it was decisive for his return, but his unknown is to send a player to the court who comes without rhythm of play. For their part, Joaquín Novillo and Imanol Segovia are not even focused. Cáceres could also enter (he tried it in that sector) through Sigali and Nery Continue to the left. However, at this time the one with the most chances is Mauricio Martínez.

Mauricio Martínez did not give up as a defender in Racing

Racing Martinez
The former union did not perform as central. Photo: Racing press.

Despite the fact that when he arrived at the Academy he had already played as a defender, with Coudet in Rosario Central, the reality is that Martínez could never demonstrate in Racing. It cost him a lot every time he played in that area. He lost on the mark, arrived at the wrong time countless times when he decided to go to the flat and has even committed child fouls (inside and outside the area) that cost the team dearly. Not to mention when, for not wanting to go to the touch, he let a rival pass and the play ended in a goal.

Many times overconfidence at the start, what he did with the ball at his feet was also dangerous. He gave away several gifts and created serious occasions of danger for Gabriel Arias’s bow. This happened both together with the right and left central marker. Even his best games at the club were when he played as a central midfielder, stealing and delivering short. Against River, defending with spaces and against a striker who is scary, if she repeats this level it can be a very difficult night. Will Gago decide for him or will he choose an option that gives him greater security?

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