Marvel Cinematic Universe: Franchise Could Be Destined for Massive Reboot After ‘Secret Wars’

Avengers: Secret Wars one of the most anticipated films in history Marvel Cinematic Universe. The film is currently due in theaters in 2027. The film will end both Phase 6 and the Multiverse Saga with an epic showdown between the Avengers and an unknown adversary. While audiences still know very little about the upcoming Avengers movie, including who will direct the project, that hasn’t stopped theorizing about what could happen in the epic crossover. Among the most common theories is that Secret Wars will be a complete reboot of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The upcoming movie is based on one of the biggest events in the multiverse. marvel comics all time, secret wars Jonathan Hickman. The 2015 comic book crossover was a soft reboot of the Marvel Universe, ushering in a new era in which some things were changed to better fit future storylines. For example, characters from the Ultimate Universe, including Miles Morales, were transplanted to Earth-616, allowing them to appear in future stories in the main Marvel timeline. This, combined with recent complaints about the quality of the MCU Multiverse Saga projects, has led some viewers to argue that Avengers: Secret Wars is the perfect opportunity to reboot the franchise and start over.

How will Avengers: Secret Wars reboot the MCU?

There are an endless number of theories about Avengers: Secret Wars and the impact this could have on the franchise and the idea of ​​an MCU reboot seem to permeate many of these allusions. Secret Wars will be a massive multiverse event, likely bringing together characters and storylines from multiple universes outside of the MCU, including the Fox films. X-Men and numerous franchises Spiderman from Sony.

In addition, the film and its predecessor, Avengers: Kang Dynasty, will also feature the time-traveling Council of Kang, who seek to conquer the Sacred Timeline and, by extension, time itself. With universes colliding against each other in massive raids, time-traveling conquerors turning the timeline upside down, and cosmic forces at work, it won’t be hard for Secret Wars to completely rewrite the MCU timeline in a soft reboot.

The MCU multiverse is expected to end in Secret Wars, with universe transitions not possible after the movie. While it’s unclear how this will happen, it makes sense from a narrative standpoint, especially since continuing the multiverse will only complicate future MCU sagas. If the Universe is about to undergo such massive changes, a global reset could be the natural result of the collapse of the Multiverse, leading to the creation of a new sacred timeline similar to that of the MCU, with a few key changes. This would allow the MCU to start a new saga with its third saga, no longer bogged down in past canon and the complexities of the multiverse.

What might an MCU reboot look like?

The reset will be especially useful for the upcoming MCU X-Men reboot, which will finally introduce mutants into the franchise. By resetting the timeline, Marvel can reconfigure its history so that mutants are always present, allowing the X-Men to co-exist with teams like the Avengers and Avengers. Fantastic Four. Also, the MCU could use this opportunity to introduce new versions of old characters such as Tony Stark, Captain America AND Black Panther, previously dropped from the franchise. However, not all characters should be rethought: relatively recent heroes like him. Spiderman From Tom Holland, Ms. Marvel From Iman Vellani and this shang chi From Sim Liu they can move to the new MCU.

The rebooted franchise could see several new superhero teams spearheading the MCU, working hand in hand to protect the world. In addition to the Avengers, the new MCU may introduce updated versions X-Men, Fantastic Four, Inhumans, Thunderbolts and others. The result could be a more comic-book-like cinematic and television universe, with hundreds of superhumans living together. The move will also allow select characters from alternate universes to make the jump to the MCU, including Dead Pool From Ryan Reynolds. A new world could be imagined in the post-Secret Wars era of Marvel, bypassing years of prep that would otherwise be required.

Does the MCU really need a reboot?

Even if I Studio Marvel haven’t confirmed the reboot, it’s clear that Phase 4 and Phase 5 have disappointed some MCU fans. Among several well-received projects such as Spider-Man: No Way Home Loki AND Guardians of the Galaxy, Part 3there have also been several films and series that ended up not appealing to most of the audience, such as Secret Invasion, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law AND Thor: Love and Thunder. Even if some frustrating projects don’t result in an immediate reboot of the entire franchise, the easiest start for the MCU is to start over. So the franchise could rewrite its entire history, removing everything that the fans didn’t like and keeping everything that the fans did.

However, as controversial as the MCU films have been since Endgame, rewriting the entire franchise might seem like an “easy way out” for Marvel. Instead of canceling the schedule in favor of a soft reboot, the MCU could earn more respect by working hard to win back audience favor. Contrary to the claims of detractors, the MCU is still far from being invulnerable. In fact, it only takes one or two projects to weave the franchise’s many plot threads into a coherent narrative. Completing the rest of Phase 5 and creating an epic Phase 6 will be more than enough to bring audiences back into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, perhaps making a Secret Wars reboot unnecessary.

Marvel Studios is facing a big decision: With Avengers: Secret Wars, they actually have the opportunity to restart the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Such an opportunity may never come again, making Phase 6 the last chance for any reboot. However, Marvel should be careful about taking the easy way out of the current downturn or risk alienating fans by rewriting too much of the franchise’s history.

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