Marvel, is the MCU coming to an end? What is Avengers Forever and how the Multiverse will be a reboot


We continue to talk about the leaks on the future of Marvel Studios by focusing the spotlight on the information obtained from the famous (and very often reliable) Marvel Studios Spoilers account, which also anticipated in detail the possible imminent conclusion of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Yes, you read that right: according to the information obtained from the leaker – who, it is worth remembering, has proven to be nothing short of reliable over the years and in recent times has anticipated in detail the ending of Ant Man & The Wasp Quantumania, scene post credits included – Marvel Studios is aware that the MCU has become too big to attract new viewersand the situation from this point of view will become even ‘more complicated’ with Secret Warsafter which several ‘non-Marvel Studios’ properties (such as the Sony universe, The Amazing Spider-Man, Fox’s X-Men and Netflix, Hulu and ABC TV series) will become canon.

The plan, therefore, should be to be inspired by the Ultimate Comics Universe and basically create a new ‘fresh start’ Universe, an ideal starting point for new viewers, because Kevin Feige is aware that the MCU will one day end: in this regard, by the end of Phase 8 no characters (at least the main ones) of the Infinity Saga will be left in the game, with the Kang Dynasty And Secret Wars which will represent a huge, last adventure for most of the protagonists, while the few who remain will say goodbye in Phase 8 (the leak specifies: “This is not a guess, this is Marvel’s intention)

In this respect it would come into play the mysterious project titled Avengers: Forever: it would be a new film in the saga, it is not clear if a sort of Secret Wars – Part Two or a new standalone project (should depend on the decision that will be made on Secret Wars, whether to split it into two parts or not) and will be dedicated to the farewell of the protagonists of the Infinity Saga, i.e. the actors and actresses who have been part of the MCU since the beginning (Chris Hemsworth, Elizabeth Olsen, Tom Hiddleston, Jeremy Renner and so on). The leaker also adds: “We also received the rumor of this title, ‘Avengers: Eternity Wars’, and if Secret Wars were to be divided into two parts we believe that this move could culminate in the 20th anniversary of the MCU“.

Clearly at the moment it is impossible to verify this information, so stay tuned. For more content from the Marvel Studios Spoilers leak, check out the new Nomad TV series starring Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson, which is slated to begin filming in 2024.

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