Marvel Studios: New clues about Witches Road special, will it be a prequel to Agatha: Chaos Coven?

A few months ago there was a rumor that I Marvel Studios they planned to secretly film a special Mephisto (which will be played Sacha Baron Cohen in the series Iron heart) on the set Agatha: Chaos Coven. The news was later corrected: it’s not about Mephistoand the film adaptation of the comic book “The Road of the Witches” (published in Italy under the title “La Strada delle Streghe”).

This was reported by a well-known insider. Daniel Richman in his profile patreonthis special, secretly filmed a few months ago, will be a prequel to Agatha: Chaos Coven and will investigate the first witches to cross this path… so presumably there won’t be Wanda Maximoff From Elizabeth Olsen.

Although it will be a kind of prequel to the series with Katherine Hahnwill not necessarily come out earlier (a strike by Hollywood actors and screenwriters will definitely not help).

Witches Street appeared in comics marvel comics in a run titled “Scarlet Witch #1: Witch Road”, written by James Robinson and illustrated Vanessa Del Rey.

There is no further confirmation at this time, but as always, we will keep you updated.

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